Permaculture’s Origin Story: Mollison’s PDM. Oh, and Nature

The last video  of the 4-part Permaculture Masterclass series is now complete with this 40-minute video titled “Permaculture’s Origin Story: Mollison —and Nature.” Click here to watch the video:

This one is special to me for two reasons: First is that I talk about Bill (Mollison) — the “Father of Permaculture,” my teacher, and above all, my friend. Bill passed away in 2016, but his continued impact on the world is mind-boggling.

Talking about Bill automatically puts me in a reflective mood; some of that was captured for this film. Secondly, although I love the theory and stories “about” permaculture, my greatest interest is actually DOING it. And this fourth and final video shows plenty of doing. 

It also connects the doing to the framework and instruction, i.e. how what we teach and learn in the classroom in a PDC course translates into phenomenal real-world results.

p.s. Also, check out the enormous 750-node Permaculture Mind-map (PMM) that accompanies the video.

Below is a trailer but you can access the whole video through pressing this link :





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