Permaculture: Green Gold

John D Liu tells how “it’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale ecosystems”. In 1995 he filmed the Loess Plateau in China where “local people transformed an area almost the size of The Netherlands from a …desert into a large green oasis” and since then has been involved in “greening deserts” around the world. The film begins with world problems but if you get past this the solutions are imaginative and inspirational: from re-introducing “thought to be extinct” species in Jordan to reforestation and rehydration in Ethiopia. Featuring Geoff Lawton.



3 thoughts on “Permaculture: Green Gold

  1. Truly an inspirational video that looks at issues from a global, and local, scale.

    I enjoy the tweaks that have been done to the original-additional input from Jeff and even an additional glimpse of Jordan.

    I wish we could get feedback from Jordan’s First Lady and what she has done in the meantime to help promote this vision.

    I wish this video was mandatory viewing in all middle schools!

  2. In Springfield, Missouri. I would like to take part in Greening the Desert projects. Need to know how I could survive this financially.

  3. These films were my first introduction to Permaculture, closely followed by Geoff Lawton and many, many more since then. All have inspired me and created a strong believer, follower, and devoted advocate. Thank you all!

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