On Inequality and the Collapse of Globalization

Editor’s preamble: I want to preface the title article, The Collapse of Globalization, found further below, with the following two video presentations — both of which give some very interesting insights into how happiness, or, rather, the lack of it, is more directly connected to the relative inequality between indiduals and families within a particular state, than it is about absolute wealth or poverty. Worldwide, as the top 1% of the world’s population takes an ever-growing lion’s share of the spoils, dissatisfaction and unrest is spreading like a cancer. Reinventing our society from the ground up has never been more urgent today than it has at any other time in our human history. Our survival — ours and the fellow creatures we share this earth with — is intimately connected and dependent on our finding not just a more sustainable way of meeting our needs, but also a more egalitarian way of structuring society itself in order to do so.