Cuba To Host Eleventh International Permaculture Conference (IPC11)

Roberto Perez triumphantly rides a camel at IPC10,
while looking forward to hosting IPC11 in Cuba, November 2013.
Photo © Craig Mackintosh

One of the tasks for attendees of each International Permaculture Conference (IPC) is to hear bids for hosting the subsequent IPC, consider the best option and to vote on it. Cuba, ground zero for the largest peak oil rehearsal the world has ever seen, easily carried the day. So, all eyes now look to November 2013 for IPC11 — an IPC with a distinctly Cuban flavour.

If you didn’t catch it already, watch Roberto’s IPC10 conference presentation here. And, below you can hear Wes Rowe talking to Cuba’s Roberto Perez — representative of the Cuban Permaculture NGO, the Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity — about his thoughts on the winning bid:

After voting for IPC11 was finalised, attendees then also voted for IPC12 — for 2015! This extra step had not been taken at previous IPCs, but given the work involved in organising such an international event, it was deemed useful to have four years lead time for preparation. Bids for IPC12 were subsequently narrowed down to two to vote on: the UK, represented by Andy Goldring, and Hong Kong, represented by Idy Wong. After each had a few minutes to present reasons why their home country should be chosen, a relatively close hand count gave 2015 to Hong Kong, thereby slating IPC12 as the first IPC to be held in the very populous Asian belt.