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The Permaculture Master Plan – Permaculture Centres Worldwide

Imagine a world of peace, health and low-carbon prosperity. Well, we’re going beyond imagination, and are working on full implementation. It’s our aim. Watch (and share) the clip below to get an idea of what we mean.

The answers to the world’s woes – waning energy supplies, depleted and contaminated soils and water, reduced biodiversity, the dismantling of communities, etc. – are all there. We know how to get the job done, we know how to restore natural abundance where before was only desolation. But, we can get the job done a great deal faster with your help!

There are many ways you can contribute:

  1. Donate, knowing your contribution is being put to work using the ‘teach a man to fish’ principle. Rather than endless aid campaigns that ignore root causes, we seek to solve problems at source.
  2. Get involved! Take a Permaculture Design Course, where you’ll discover that you can be a part of the solution to current world problems.
  3. Spread the word. Share this post with your family and friends. Follow our and other permaculture sites. Find out about permaculture groups in your area.
  4. Reduce the environmental impact of your life, improve your economic security and increase the health and vitality of yourself and your family by transforming your back yard.

Permaculture is a rapidly growing movement – a science of sustainable design systems for all human need. Don’t get left behind!