Duration: 1 Year

The 1-year program has a January (Summer to Summer) and July (Winter to Winter) intake every year, please specify which intake you wish to apply for in the appropriate field.


Please make sure you have read all the details below about the program and requirements before applying.

* A pre-requisite of a Permaculture Design Certificate is a necessity for the program. Please ensure you have completed your PDC before applying.

* The following curriculum is in a current state of creation and not yet fully implemented. The conditions at the farm still require considerable infrastructure development both at the physical level as well as in the curriculum and teaching components. For this reason, the current apprenticeships are all offered free and on a scholarship basis with all education given in return for work.
These scholarship positions will not last and the apprenticeship will eventually become an established a high quality paid set of programs.

* We provide camping areas (bring your own tent or van) and catered food throughout the work week, with free reign to pick and cook from the farm on the weekends.

* We are looking for rugged, intelligent and determined individuals able to deal with long working hours and patience as the curriculum is gradually implemented and the physical structures put in place.

* International students are encouraged to apply, however, note that we are unfortunately unable to provide any assistance in obtaining an Australian visa. Please take the time to consider all your visa options and feasibilities.

* Zaytuna Farm has a strict drug and alcohol-free policy and maintain professionalism on site through our behavior and dress at all times. Please ensure you are comfortable with this before applying. Any drug use onsite alcohol included will result in you being asked to leave site.

* We are Muslim culturally sensitive, meaning we dress modestly both male and females. Shorts below the knees and shoulders cover, Singlets that are covering the shoulder are accepted. Swimwear must be modest if you wish to swim onsite.

* Pork products are not to be used onsite.

* We have young families on site and we encourage any young families who are passionate about this work, love the idea of raising free-range children and feel equipped to deal with the challenges of a high intensity working and living environment to apply. We will do our utmost best to accommodate you. We are in particular interested in any couples wanting to assist us in establishing a Permaculture Home Schooling system.


You will need to provide some tools for work on the farm, these include.

Rice knife
Silky gomboy saw
Leatherman/multi tool

We can help you source some tools from known retailers.

Protective clothing.

Rain Jacket/Pants


Apprentices at this level must complete the 6-month program to continue onto their last 6 months. The program will be moderated right through to the completion of the 1-year certificate, to a high level of demonstrated competence.

For anyone seeking to enter into this program, the initial application and interview process is more rigorous and requires some demonstrated exposure to previous projects or a background that shows the possibility of taking on permaculture as a career pathway.

Apprentices are made clear that unsatisfactory performance at 1 month or 6 months will result in the end of the apprenticeship. We seek to create an ongoing high standard of graduates and take utmost seriousness in the selection of those suitable to enter into our deeper level of training.

This program is not for everyone. A year of consistently long hours of labor and working through the development of the program is challenging.

Only those who are committed to a total immersion in the world of permaculture and it’s propagation out into the wide world should consider applying here.

The demands and responsibility of the apprentices as they enter the second semester (second 6 months) of the program increase considerably.

At this level interns become involved in the creation, implementation and research of small scale permaculture projects on site.

Assessment tasks will begin to involvement in projects, practice teaching at PDC’s and begin development of management and leadership capacities.

Students entering the second semester will now be largely responsible, with assistance from the staff and team at Zaytuna, for the running of zones 1-3 on the farm.

Practical management interns will be required to manage small teams in achieving tasks while simultaneously expanding and deepening their own knowledge and understanding outwards into zone 4 and more specialized aspects of permaculture.


Senior apprentices will also be required to supervise and instruct 6-month apprentices.

Increased levels of responsibility will be given and can include the ordering of resources for the farm and kitchen, assisting in and organizing courses, admin, media documentation, and other duties depending on specific skills and interests.

Apprentices at this level will work under the supervision and instruction of the Apprentice Manager, and the Farm Manager. Successful completion of all assessments will see students awarded the “PRI Practical Permaculture Management Certificate”. This certificate gives a backing from PRI that the apprentice is now capable of managing and running a large-scale permaculture project.

Systems to be learned include:

– Food Forest Establishment and refined maintenance
– Cattle Pasture Enhancement
– Laneway work
– Use of machines and tractor, including basic mechanics
– Irrigation systems, pumps and gravity fed
– Animal Breeding and processing cycles
– Implementation of new animal systems
– Solar Systems
– Composting Toilets
– Greywater Systems
– Drinking & Household Water Systems
– Communication Systems
– Workshop
– Earthworks
– Running open days/Farm tours
– Helping in the running of the courses.

And more depending what comes up.

There will be times where Geoff and Nadia will require help around their house with non permacultural task.

Any apprentices wishing to set up their own PRI site will be fully equipped to do so, to find a career in running a PRI site elsewhere in the world. Potential work as a project manager on aid or other work will also become possible.

Those who demonstrate outstanding performance and capacity for understanding and applying permaculture may be invited into the deeper research, management and design level of training and potentially becoming staff if there are positions available.

Potential career options are.

Project manager, Designer/Consultant or a teacher with the PRI.

What is provided:

A campsite, Hot showers, toilets, a common kitchen, meals during the week, internet and power, access to courses run here at Zaytuna if all farm jobs are complete, teacher training.

Washing is either here at a cost of $4 per wash or down at the local store for the same cost.

Who are we looking for?

A person dedicated to pushing permaculture into the mainstream working with the PRI. Giving back to the PRI supporting us in our projects.

Geoff would like to train the next generation of project managers and teachers to head out and take on projects. There are more inquiries than individuals available.

Who we are not looking for:

Someone wanting to come in skill up, build their profile and head off to become a consultant/designer for individual gain.

Systems we cover

Small animals (Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits)
Large animals (Beef herd/Dairy herd)
Cropping systems (Maincrop, Kitchen garden, Tropical garden)
Food Forestry

5 seniors and 5 juniors plus staff are onsite for the year. The Jr’s will go on to replace the seniors leaving at the end of their year.

During your time here you will rotate through the apprentice led systems.

Geoff will be filming the online PDC, this will be taking a lot of Geoff’s time currently until completed. Don’t expect a lot of Geoff time but he does get involved where he can.

Days are long and hard but soon reveal the experience of learning hands-on in the system.

You will be working a weekend every 4th weekend with another apprentice on basic maintenance of the systems so the other 8 interns will be able to have the weekend off.

These are not full days but needed to keep the systems running.

A 5-week annual break is provided during non-course times.

We do car pool amongst ourselves to get into town and to visit the local areas.

An onsite attendance percentage will be calculated, this will determine a pass or a fail throughout the program.

Please make sure you have enough savings to provide for your own personal needs, if you don’t have a vehicle it is hard to find work if required on the weekends.

Zaytuna is continuously evolving systems and researching new systems. This is not a permaculture paradise site as many may think, we are still refining the system.

Becoming a resilient experienced individual by the end of the apprenticeship is what you receive along with a certification. Many of the apprentices leave to work for PRI on various projects in Australia or abroad but this is offered to selected apprentices that have what it takes to go out and assist the PRI in their projects.

Zaytuna Farm Practical Permaculture Apprenticeship Program

This is the application form for the Zaytuna Farm Practical Permaculture Apprenticeship Program at Zaytuna Farm Australia. Please only fill out and submit this form if you are willing and ready to make a 12 month commitment towards a career in Permaculture AND have a PDC. Please be ensured of your privacy, we will not forward your information to anyone else, and it will only be used for the purpose of assessing your suitability for the diploma. PLEASE NOTE: The Practical Permaculture Apprenticeship Program only has a January and July intake.
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