What Our Students Say

An inspiring journey led by very amazing people! A big thanks to Geoff Lawton :)

Rosie Scott


Latifa Abdul-Royal

This is where one can learn how to help save the people of this planet.

Lee Soarez

After completing Paul Taylor’s soil biology course at Zaytuna farm in November 2011 I returned home to the farm with the absolute confidence to make specialist compost and biological fertilisers. Paul’s wealth of knowledge and experience alongside his natural teaching ability has helped me to understand the nature of the soil and its requirements. Highly recommended.

Cameron Taylor

I recently took my PDC with Geoff in Melbourne and without a doubt, he has changed my life. I have always been a permie at heart, but this course has confirmed it and has also inspired me to continue spreading the Permaculture word to as many as I can. In the coming years I aim to implement a course at the school I am involved with and as time progresses […]

Nam-Ha Quach

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

The best permaculture site to learn from.

Taufiq Bin Jemain

As the lineage bearer of Bill Mollison’s teachings, Geoff Lawton brings the jewels of the planetary permaculture curriculum and movement into a beautifully modern and condensed teaching. As a master facilitator with incredibly refined information and delivery methods, Geoff Lawton has designed a teacher training that is sure to evolve the teaching practice of new teachers, experienced teachers and advanced permies alike. Anyone interested in growing their understanding of permaculture […]

Delvin Solkinson

I really have only positive things to say about the course and the overall experience. Food was tasty, nutritious and fresh. Camping facilities were fine and easy to access (I suppose an extra shower could help). The course itself was informative and inspiring, sort of gives you the kick you need to take action and start designing. Geoff is great at informing, motivating and breaking down the barriers to action […]

Leif Andreassen

It’s refreshing to see a focus on meeting the needs of the human family and this planet we call home, absent from political borders, abounding in healthful abundance and ideas. Thank you for sharing knowledge.

Gina Zook Fielders