What Our Students Say

I really have only positive things to say about the course and the overall experience. Food was tasty, nutritious and fresh. Camping facilities were fine and easy to access (I suppose an extra shower could help). The course itself was informative and inspiring, sort of gives you the kick you need to take action and start designing. Geoff is great at informing, motivating and breaking down the barriers to action […]

Leif Andreassen

I love the Permaculture Institute and I love the website, what I can see of it, but the links don’t work!!!! and that’s hugely frustrating!!! Please fix that so we can get in depth on this site. Thank you!

Julia Russell

This is where one can learn how to help save the people of this planet.

Lee Soarez

Zaytuna Farm is a fantastic place, it has a nice atmosphere and we can learn a lot while watching and helping surroundings. The teachers have a lot of experience to share and are always happy to help.


All experience is what you make of it – so if you go to PRI, make sure to have the attitude and mindset to make the most out of it. The hands on experience and training at PRI gave me the foothold to pursue my calling which is to love and help as many people as I can. If I knew a better earthly way than permaculture to do that […]

Nicholas Burtner

My Permaculture journey really began when I sat a PDC with Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, and Greg Knibbs in Melbourne in 2008. I found Geoff especially inspiring – his talks opened up a permaculture world of possibilities in me. The following year I began a 4-month stay (internship) with PRI, Zaytuna farm. During this initial time I learned a great deal not only from Geoff and the other knowledgeable people […]

Jonathon Chan

As the lineage bearer of Bill Mollison’s teachings, Geoff Lawton brings the jewels of the planetary permaculture curriculum and movement into a beautifully modern and condensed teaching. As a master facilitator with incredibly refined information and delivery methods, Geoff Lawton has designed a teacher training that is sure to evolve the teaching practice of new teachers, experienced teachers and advanced permies alike. Anyone interested in growing their understanding of permaculture […]

Delvin Solkinson

The course was great! I enjoyed it all and hope to visit again to do wwoofing or maybe an internship in the future.

Christina Cotterall

From the bottom of our hearts, a very BIG THANK YOU… for the time and passion and commitment you put into the course for all of us. Personally it re-focused, and let me see how truly amazing the soil / bio organisms making process is. Wow!! Both of us feel renewed in our focus and looking forward to our next steps. Looking forward to our unfolding and wonderful life with […]

Beverly & Tony De Vere

I headed to Australia in January of 2010 to study permaculture with Geoff and Nadia Lawton at Zaytuna Farm. There was nowhere in the U.S. to go and study water harvesting techniques, so I traveled to the Southern hemisphere. I had taken my PDC three years before and was working in the realm of non-profit sustainability education, and was looking to expand my practical skillset, particularly in the area of […]

Lindsay Dailey