What Our Students Say

The course was great! All by all a fantastic experience.

Robert Slob

I had a wonderful time at the course and enjoyed my experiences each day. Everything ran smoothly. I was pleased that we were able to help with some of the chores around the place. The camp site was well maintained and the WWOOFers/workers did an amazing job at taking care of our needs. The food was nourishing, at times adventurous and always delicious. Needless to say the PDC itself was […]

Erin Dumbauld

I headed to Australia in January of 2010 to study permaculture with Geoff and Nadia Lawton at Zaytuna Farm. There was nowhere in the U.S. to go and study water harvesting techniques, so I traveled to the Southern hemisphere. I had taken my PDC three years before and was working in the realm of non-profit sustainability education, and was looking to expand my practical skillset, particularly in the area of […]

Lindsay Dailey

During my stay at Zaytuna Farm I gained an enormous amount of confidence both in my ability to work within permaculture systems, and to teach about them. The vast variety of permaculture systems on the property provide a unique opportunity to to build understanding and hands on skills quickly. One of the most unique aspects of the property is its interconnected nature, specifically with regard to the water systems. I […]

Rob Avis

The course was great! I enjoyed it all and hope to visit again to do wwoofing or maybe an internship in the future.

Christina Cotterall

Geoff and the PRI team opened my mind to the possibilities of Permaculture to change this world for the better.

Mark Notaras

Growing up and living in cities, I could hardly imagine life on a farm and having to grow my own food. However, doing a 10-week permaculture internship at Zaytuna Farm changed my perception totally of what real sustainable living means and more…. I continued the internship straight after going through a 2-week PDC in April. My course mates from the PDC were 24 others from different parts of the world. […]

Joelyn Ong

Hello, I’m Aaron and spent 4 amazing months from January 2009 interning with Geoff and Nadia mostly on their farm, but I also got to travel with them to some other locations as well. Zaytuna Farm has been in the hands of Geoff Lawton for 9 years, though he reported to me that he has spent a good portion of that time away, teaching and doing those amazing projects you […]

Aaron Jerad

Zaytuna Farm is an exceptional place to study permaculture because it is a highly dynamic environment, perpetually changing according to new observations and responses to observations, as well as newly perceived efficiencies and benefits. Extra plus points are that the Channon area is one of great beauty and surviving diversity, and the farm seems to be on the path as a station for many experts in different fields, adding into […]


It’s great to learn about swales and then go out and see them functioning.