What Our Students Say

I headed to Australia in January of 2010 to study permaculture with Geoff and Nadia Lawton at Zaytuna Farm. There was nowhere in the U.S. to go and study water harvesting techniques, so I traveled to the Southern hemisphere. I had taken my PDC three years before and was working in the realm of non-profit sustainability education, and was looking to expand my practical skillset, particularly in the area of […]

Lindsay Dailey

The future has arrived and it’s more hopeful and more lovelier than we imagined!

Absynnia Black

I had a wonderful time at the course and enjoyed my experiences each day. Everything ran smoothly. I was pleased that we were able to help with some of the chores around the place. The camp site was well maintained and the WWOOFers/workers did an amazing job at taking care of our needs. The food was nourishing, at times adventurous and always delicious. Needless to say the PDC itself was […]

Erin Dumbauld

The vision is so beautiful and with great care, so basic. To think, if all stood up straight and acted as stewards of the Earth, it would be grand! Thanks for sharing the love of knowledge with others.

Kelly Vaughn

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

Zaytuna Farm is a fantastic place, it has a nice atmosphere and we can learn a lot while watching and helping surroundings. The teachers have a lot of experience to share and are always happy to help.


The PRI Earthworks course was exactly what I needed. As I’m in the process of converting my farm property to permaculture, I could not have asked for a more topical course. I was glued to every word Geoff Lawton said. Likely to be back for more.

Gregor D

After completing Paul Taylor’s soil biology course at Zaytuna farm in November 2011 I returned home to the farm with the absolute confidence to make specialist compost and biological fertilisers. Paul’s wealth of knowledge and experience alongside his natural teaching ability has helped me to understand the nature of the soil and its requirements. Highly recommended.

Cameron Taylor

The course was great! I enjoyed it all and hope to visit again to do wwoofing or maybe an internship in the future.

Christina Cotterall

Doing a PDC with Geoff changed my life by giving me very clear directives for action, always in context, illuminated by ethics. I know exactly what I have to do with my life now.

Carolyn Payne