What Our Students Say

Growing up and living in cities, I could hardly imagine life on a farm and having to grow my own food. However, doing a 10-week permaculture internship at Zaytuna Farm changed my perception totally of what real sustainable living means and more…. I continued the internship straight after going through a 2-week PDC in April. My course mates from the PDC were 24 others from different parts of the world. […]

Joelyn Ong

Zaytuna Farm is an exceptional place to study permaculture because it is a highly dynamic environment, perpetually changing according to new observations and responses to observations, as well as newly perceived efficiencies and benefits. Extra plus points are that the Channon area is one of great beauty and surviving diversity, and the farm seems to be on the path as a station for many experts in different fields, adding into […]


Hello, I’m Aaron and spent 4 amazing months from January 2009 interning with Geoff and Nadia mostly on their farm, but I also got to travel with them to some other locations as well. Zaytuna Farm has been in the hands of Geoff Lawton for 9 years, though he reported to me that he has spent a good portion of that time away, teaching and doing those amazing projects you […]

Aaron Jerad

I had a wonderful time, 3 things in particular: – I was honored that Geoff and Nadia allowed us to intrude upon their personal living space (some of us come from much different places with different upbringings) – Having the opportunity to slaughter and process our food in a respectful manner (I don’t know of anywhere in Australia that teaches this basic human process) – and seeing Geoff and Nadia […]

Michael Wright

The October PDC course was the most interesting and intellectually / spiritually / philosophically stimulating two weeks I’ve ever experienced.

Ben Smith

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

As the lineage bearer of Bill Mollison’s teachings, Geoff Lawton brings the jewels of the planetary permaculture curriculum and movement into a beautifully modern and condensed teaching. As a master facilitator with incredibly refined information and delivery methods, Geoff Lawton has designed a teacher training that is sure to evolve the teaching practice of new teachers, experienced teachers and advanced permies alike. Anyone interested in growing their understanding of permaculture […]

Delvin Solkinson

Love this site.

Michael Marchal

We were inspired to learn about permaculture when we saw Geoff’s DVD, Establishing a Food Forest. We then followed up by watching all of the PRI DVDs and we knew that we wanted to do a permaculture design certificate taught by Geoff. Well we weren’t disappointed! Two weeks of back to back lessons interacting with Geoff exceeded all our expectations. We came away from the course knowing that we are […]

Andrew Pegler

PRI’s 10-week Internship was a powerful life-changing experience for me. Throughout the ten weeks at Zaytuna Farm, Geoff and the other experts gave me a practical foundation to explore my permaculture passions and, beyond that, helped me personally focus on my areas of skill to develop confidence as a professional. For those who are driven to create a self-directed learning trajectory in permaculture, this experience provides invaluable mentorship as well […]

David Stockhausen