What Our Students Say

I had a wonderful time at the course and enjoyed my experiences each day. Everything ran smoothly. I was pleased that we were able to help with some of the chores around the place. The camp site was well maintained and the WWOOFers/workers did an amazing job at taking care of our needs. The food was nourishing, at times adventurous and always delicious. Needless to say the PDC itself was […]

Erin Dumbauld

The PRI Earthworks course was exactly what I needed. As I’m in the process of converting my farm property to permaculture, I could not have asked for a more topical course. I was glued to every word Geoff Lawton said. Likely to be back for more.

Gregor D

During my stay at Zaytuna Farm I gained an enormous amount of confidence both in my ability to work within permaculture systems, and to teach about them. The vast variety of permaculture systems on the property provide a unique opportunity to to build understanding and hands on skills quickly. One of the most unique aspects of the property is its interconnected nature, specifically with regard to the water systems. I […]

Rob Avis

PRI’s 10-week Internship was a powerful life-changing experience for me. Throughout the ten weeks at Zaytuna Farm, Geoff and the other experts gave me a practical foundation to explore my permaculture passions and, beyond that, helped me personally focus on my areas of skill to develop confidence as a professional. For those who are driven to create a self-directed learning trajectory in permaculture, this experience provides invaluable mentorship as well […]

David Stockhausen

Hello, I’m Aaron and spent 4 amazing months from January 2009 interning with Geoff and Nadia mostly on their farm, but I also got to travel with them to some other locations as well. Zaytuna Farm has been in the hands of Geoff Lawton for 9 years, though he reported to me that he has spent a good portion of that time away, teaching and doing those amazing projects you […]

Aaron Jerad

I recently took my PDC with Geoff in Melbourne and without a doubt, he has changed my life. I have always been a permie at heart, but this course has confirmed it and has also inspired me to continue spreading the Permaculture word to as many as I can. In the coming years I aim to implement a course at the school I am involved with and as time progresses […]

Nam-Ha Quach

Special place with amazing memories. An experience of a lifetime..!

Shazam Watson Mahmood

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

Love this site.

Michael Marchal

PDC course was excellent. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that I would change would be to have more info on Aquaculture systems and little bit less on desert climate solutions. In all it was 10/10. Thank You !

Nikola Cuca