Keyline Design as an Organizing Pattern for Permaculture Design, Part 3 (Sweden)

This is the third of a series of articles looking at design considerations for our Cold Climate Permaculture site using the Keyline Scale of Permanence as a organizing framework, as well as an informative read for anyone interested.

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Temperate Food Forest Growth Video Project (Victoria, Australia)

Almonds A food forest is a lovely and interesting place to visit. Unfortunately, visitors only ever see the food forest as it is on that particular day when they visit. For example, if a person visited the food forest here today, they would see lots of ripe citrus, almonds, pears, plums, apples, peaches, nectarines and apricots. However, things would be quite different if their visit was a month later. This […]

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Drowning in Money

The hidden and remarkable story of why devastating floods keep happening. by George Monbiot We all know what’s gone wrong, or we think we do: not enough spending on flood defences. It’s true that the government’s cuts have exposed thousands of homes to greater risk, and that the cuts will become more dangerous as climate change kicks in(1).  But too little public spending is a small part of problem. It […]

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Bottled Sunshine – Preserving Fruit Goodness

There’s not much better on a cold winter’s morning than breakfasting on preserved summer fruits. But just how do you go about preserving that essence of summer sunshine? A summer job that has just been completed here in my corner of Australia is that of preserving fruit. There are many ways to preserve fruit, but one of my favourites is bottling (also referred to as canning).

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Preparing for What’s to Come – Onwards in 2014 (Qld, Australia)

The PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast, is preparing for what may come and showing others how to prepare. As reports come in about record cold weather in the USA and as we just experienced record heat in our state of Queensland, Australia, and other states are seeing likewise, where apparently native bees have died and bats and flying foxes have fallen from the sky due to heatstroke, we at the PRI […]

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Learning About Permaculture Design from Organic Annual Vegetable Farmers

Some people will tell you that there is no place in permaculture for annual crops. I’m known as something of a perennials enthusiast myself. But permaculture is in part a design system that can be applied to many areas of our lives, and this certainly includes annual crop production. In 2002 I was privileged to spend the weekend interviewing a panel of highly experienced organic farmers through my work with […]

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Laundry to Landscape Urban Greywater Installation: Greening the Sonoran Desert (Phoenix, Arizona)

This past November (2013), Watershed Management Group’s Green Living Co-op installed a "Laundry to Landscape" greywater system at my house. Enthusiastic co-op member ready to dig in! The Green Living Co-op runs on a barn-raising principle — basically you earn ‘hours’ by participating in other members’ projects.  After you’ve earned a set amount of hours, you qualify to host a workshop at your house.

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A Financial Permaculture Convergence – 2014 Local Food Enterprise Summit (March 10-14, 2014, Miami, Florida, USA)

Join economic and financial experts, permaculture designers, and sustainability entrepreneurs in designing regenerative business models that work for community resiliency! We will address economic and ecological challenges of the 21st century as we design forward-looking businesses that optimize the local natural systems and human capacities to implement models of regenerative business and local resiliency. Dates: March 10-14 2014, Miami Florida USA Keynote Speakers: Eric Toensmeier, Judy Wicks, Gary Paul Nabhan, […]

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Preserving the Past to Serve the Future – Wellbeing Farm, A Pragmatic Approach to Permaculture, Transition, and Reskilling (USA)

After leaving the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub Waterways Reskilling gathering held on November 23, 2013 I realized that the practitioners who attended and spoke — the Transitioners and Permaculturists, the farmers, millwrights, boat builders, fishermen, engineers, woodworkers, and sail freighters — require a community, a physical location, a place to have re-skilling workshops, to teach classes, to hold gatherings, to take on apprentices, and to build real world solutions for the […]

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Weeds – What Are They Good for? (Victoria, Australia)

The subject of ‘weeds’ has always seemed to me to incite far more controversy than it should. The best description of a weed is, “a plant out of place”. It seems to me that if you have a weed, then you have an available niche in your garden that an unwanted opportunistic plant has taken advantage of. To remove that unwanted, opportunistic plant, you have to perform the act of […]

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