Thanks for your interest. Please see below a selection of files for use in promoting The Permaculture Research Institute.

Need help? If you have questions or concerns about using the Permaculture Research Institute logos, contact us.


Guidelines on how you should and should not use the Permaculture Research Insitute’s Logo.

You should:

  • Use the Permaculture Research Institute logo to link to
  • Use the Permaculture Research Institute logo in a blog post or news article about the Permaculture Research Institute.

You should not:

  • Create a modified version of it.
  • Use the Permaculture Research Institutes logo into your identity, brand or logo.
 Download Logo 			.AI, .PSD, .PNG files
Download Logo
.AI, .PSD, .PNG files


We often get requests from people wanting us to promote their course/s and we’re happy to facilitate. How it works is that the reason we generate a lot of traffic is because we have a lot of good content for people to read/ watch, which ensures they keep coming back. We now only advertise exterior courses/ fund raisers etc through articles that are provided. We no longer offer an educational article for a promotional article.

For more information and to submit an article/ advertisement please see here.