Okra as a support pole for tomatoes ... ?

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    Tropical, semi arid, 1000 meter elevation.
    I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka and have a very small lawn I want to grow food crops in. The lawn is shaded through most of the morning but gets full sun from late morning to evening, with most of the light coming in at an angle.

    I was thinking of starting a bed interplanted with okra, bush beans, and carrots. I'm thinking by the time the okra grows about 5-6 feet, the carrots would have been harvested and most of the bush beans would have been removed due to it being shaded by the okra. At that point, I thought of growing tomato on the side of the bed receiving angled sunlight and using the okra as a pole to tie the tomato plants as they grow. The tomatoes will have sunlight as the sun comes in at an angle and as the lower leaves of the okra will have fallen off or be removed. Then, in the high shade of the tomato and okra, I was thinking of growing ginger and turmeric.

    Does this sound sensible given the space limitation or is it a stupid amateur pipe dream?

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