Mulching with plants the have gone to seed

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    I am wondering if it is possible to mulch with some tall tropical grasses that have gone to seed.
    They are abundant on the site I am helping with and the main potential source of mulch for the time being.
    The site is in Mauritius, which is humid wet/dry tropics - but has around 23 microclimates, and I have yet to figure how to exactly define it :)

    Would it be enough to kill the seeds by submerging cut grasses in water for a few days?

    Any other thoughts or opinions?
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    -15C-35C, 10cm rain/mo, clay, full sun, K-G Dfa=x=Dfb
    very unlikely a few days will do it.

    can you cut the seedheads off before you chop the grass? i do that here for some of the
    bigger grasses and it isn't too much work in comparison to weeding them out later. :)

    if you have chickens or other animals to feed they would likely eat the seeds... you'd
    have to make sure they weren't toxic first, but i doubt that is likely.

    otherwise, you can bury them deeply, ferment them, burn them, etc. to keep them from
    being a problem. biochar... etc.
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