Looking for people to share land a little west of the great divide...

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    Sub-tropical / temperate
    Hi all. So...here's the deal...

    I have the opportunity to invest in property and I've been on the merry search (on and off) now for several years, all over the planet. In February this year I recommenced my search in Australia and after traveling all over some the countryside with my very specific check list in hand, I've decided to listen to what the psychic chick in Eumundi told me :D and start looking for people who are keen to pool cash resources in order to invest in property on a grander scale....I've always been drawn to the idea of a multi-occupancy that enables the sharing of capital resources, but I'm leaning more perhaps towards a tenants in common arrangement at this stage. I'm sociable but I love my own space, and living alongside neighbours who respect each other's privacy is important to me.

    I've concentrated my search so far along the east coast of Australia and I've been particularly drawn to south of the Border Ranges (Qld/NSW)...maybe because I'm familiar with it, maybe because it's a beautiful part of the planet with a great climate virtually all year round.

    My property checklist:
    - at least 200m ASL (above sea level)
    - minimum 50 acres
    - good amount of flat / rolling / bush / forested / uncleared land.
    - fresh, dynamic water source, ie Spring water / spring dam
    - close to the source creek / river
    - safe space from land slippage or big scale seasonal washouts
    - safe space from floods and extreme weather (like melon sized hail)
    - neighbours who don't spray / contaminate the environment
    - appropriate for implementing a conservation / nature refuge agreement.​

    The property 'rules':
    - no toxic chemicals EVER to be used on any kind of plant or animal deemed to be a pest
    - no toxic fertilisers EVER to be used on the soil
    - minimal use of non-renewable resources
    - no pesticides and/or pharmaceuticals to deal with ticks, fleas, parasites or disease
    - off grid​

    My wish is to share a space with people who:
    - can see from outside the boxes
    - choose to live sustainably
    - value the innate intelligence in all things and who try to be tolerant and kind and balanced
    - have clever and interesting skills and aren't too shy to try clever and interesting things
    - embrace alternative methods as the primary solution for living healthfully
    - want to grow to live and grow to share
    - search for and embrace refreshing ways to create, use and share sustainable resources
    - want to be part of a community who understands permaculture and who are willing to adopt its principles in virtual totality
    - are open to living in a space that grows industrial and medicinal hemp, ie no criminal records (which would mean the end to a very nifty venture)
    - don't use non-biodegradable / non-toxic soaps, detergents, beauty products, personal care products etc..
    - adopt conscientious housing methods (eg made from sustainable resources)
    - realise the farce that civilisation has become and are willing to forgo the 'spoils' and the ''trappings' that have been disabling us collectively for eons
    - are open to the idea of developing or being involved or living alongside a health retreat / education centre.​

    A little about me:
    I'm experienced with permaculture in sub-tropical (SE Qld), tropical (Indonesia) and temperate (Tanzania / Brazil) climates, and I'm a nutritionist/health coach, health researcher and a writer with interests in sustainable energy resources, traditional healing methods (eg acupuncture, plant medicine), alternative healing methods (homeopathy, sonotherapy, breath 'work', chromotherapy, bio-resonance), medicinal herbs / bush medicine, essential oils and inter-species (animal) communication. I don't watch television, use any social media or listen to crap radio / music and I thrive on the sounds that nature provides. I love to sing and I can't resist a good old Kirtan..I don't eat soy products. I don't eat meat. I'm not a vegetarian. I'm not a vegan. I'm an outspoken anti-vaccine campaigner and I love cats.....:D

    So if you've managed to read through all of this and are thinking to yourself 'Hmmm...I reckon I'd like to give that a crack', and if you're:
    - all cashed up
    - ready and willing to commit to sharing a property with a person whose very strong moral barometer makes her determined to be harmless to and respectful and considerate of all sentient beings, and who insists on the same from all who enter 'her' space
    - happy to invest in a property that one day you can rely on to fulfill your food / shelter / medicinal / spiritual needs
    - an awesome person who just wants to be involved...​
    ...let me know....

    Just keep in mind that I'm putting everything into this and won't risk investing with anybody who's going to potentially threaten my livelihood...nice people in stable partnerships with other nice people only please ;).....
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    temperate monsoonal
    hi I'm very interested, and I've been thinking of the same thing, same kind of location. I want to buy and move in very soon as I don't want to be in a box anymore, so that I can live life, be in nature, to be good for my health. I don't want to spend lots of money, and I don't need a bit piece of land, I'd be happy with a small share if you are more financial. I grew up in temperate monsoonal climate, where a large range of crops (temperate and subtropical) are grown and I have knowledge on medicinal plants for food and medicine. I've lived near Toowoomba before, know that climate. i need a small house to move into. You seem to want to have a big place, don't you? I know a 3000 acres place in your desired location, no house.
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    New York City: Humid Continental, Temperate, Sub Tropical
    YES, would like to invest in a permaculture property. I will not be on-site unless it is within the US for now.
    This is a good post. I am interested in an investment property.

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