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    Oct 3, 2017
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    hot and dry, coastal
    Reading some of the posts, i realise that i am in a very different climate and seasonal zone to many of you, but that permaculture tips are relevant for all of us. i have worked in a community permaculture garden in sydney for about 10 years and now reaching retirement in a coastal nsw town, i am lookimg forward to establishing a more modest personal garden.
    Before i signed up i was reading about some of the contributors using wooden edging on their garden, usually frowned on here because of both termite and very high fire dangers. we are looking at a serious drought this year. you may know that our last drought lasted ten years and our great dam for sydney got to 27%. that's for a city of 4 million people.

    water consciousness is always a hallmark of good gardens here.
    looking forward to learning from you all.
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    Sep 12, 2013
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    gardening, reading, etc
    near St. Charles, MI, USoA
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    -15C low, 35C high, 10cm rain/mo avg, clay, full sun
    hello and welcome,

    yes water management is the major feature i have to
    contend with. heavy clay soils, plus flat and in the
    path of flash flood flows.

    it is not arid enough here that fire is a major danger
    (but someone sparked a field fire a few weeks ago
    from their lawnmower backfiring). it has been pretty
    dry here the past few months. rains recently helped.
    too late for most of what i was growing, but we do
    have a well so the major garden plants did ok, but
    they always do much better from rain than from the
    well water.
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    Apr 4, 2017
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    Hot desert/coastal
    Hi Jayne. Welcome.
    It looks like may share a similar climate although a world apart. I'm just North of the Tropic of Cancer in a desert area that recently suffered a drought for 11 years. Other times triple the average annual rainfall in a single hurricane. Unlike inland deserts, the nearby sea keeps temperatures warm throughout the night so we never get close to frost, even in the middle of winter which is usually better than the summers of my native England.
    I have a serious problem with termites too so I used rocks for the edges of my garden. That becomes more of a challenge if you want to make raised beds. I've considered using the concrete building blocks for raised beds in a community garden I'm involved with.

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