building a junkpole fence

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    A fence made of waste wood (this wood is typically burned in an effort to reduce wildfires). It's a bit like making fence out bamboo, but in an area where these conifer poles are considered a nuisance. You can see the rock jacks (this particular property is one giant rock) - but ignore those for this video (we hope to have a rock jack video later). Pretend these are normal fence posts. This particular fence is being made 8 feet tall to keep deer out and to keep layers (egg laying breeds of chickens) in. This is a BB for part of the sand badge for woodland care in the PEP curriculum. You start by installing two horizontal poles along the top and bottom on the same side of your posts. Then you install four evenly spaced vertical spacers on the outside of the fence rails. Once you have your spacers up, you install one more horizontal pole across the middle on the outside of your spacers, and then you can just drop in loose poles to fill the rest of the fence up. Voila! Easy fence made reusing waste wood.


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