Average weight of a 'global cow' to calculate world CO2 sequestration?

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    So if we rotate cattle in the Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing, aka, Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing (MIRG), a study by Paige says the average CO2 sequestered in pastures of AMP grazed cattle is 6.65 kilo's per kilo of carcass weight.

    There are 998.3 million head of cattle in the world. (So close to a nice round billion!)

    So we need to multiply 998.3 by 6.65kg by average cattle weight. Anyone want to tell us what a WORLD average cattle weight would be? Then this figure is what world cattle alone could sequester, let alone all the other animals that AMP can graze to bring pastures back to life? I'm expecting this figure to be well below the total *pasturelands figure*, as there are many other animals we currently graze that can be grazed better via AMP / MIRG, sequestering even more CO2.

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