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  1. Ian
    Enjoying the fruits of labour
  2. Burgess2539
    Relocating to greener pastures.
  3. pennyappeal
    We are the team that provide poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East and Africa by offering water solutions, etc.
  4. Kristin
    At computer, wishing I was outside!!
  5. Theo Herbots
    Theo Herbots
    welcopme by Theo Herbots
  6. Theo Herbots
    Theo Herbots
    Welcome by Theo Herbots
  7. Wild Apple Farm
    Wild Apple Farm
    Planning the autumn veges
  8. Tim S
    Tim S
    Hello, I am new here!
  9. sustainabledigs
    sustainabledigs DP422
    Hey mate I could be your guy for the land development idea you posted. 27 yr old Australian with good initiative, practical experience and a deep passion for intelligent design. Have computer and admin skills and am currently in Europe just having finished a project i can share with you. [email protected] let me know if you would like to have a skype interview.
  10. Wild Apple Farm
    Wild Apple Farm
    Enjoying the rain and planting out pigeon pea.
  11. StarrB.
    Looking for a farm job or internship in Scandinavia for the 2019 or 2020 growing season.
  12. Aaron T
    Aaron T
    New to gardening in the Lockyer Valley.
  13. AnonymousAnomalous1
    The reason we are all here is because we are not all there.
  14. purplepear
    Sweltering in the heat and the dry and building amenities for a major 2018
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  15. Richard Duffy
    Richard Duffy
    Observation and experiment phase of a 680acre bush block.
  16. JackT
    5 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Zone 8b to 9a
  17. Emil Moldovan
    Emil Moldovan
    72 hours Permaculture Introduction Course in Romania 2012, Cob Natural Building Course 2012,
  18. Oceandweller
    You reap what you sow.
  19. kareje
    I new to your platform, but please see my Information. Thank you! kara
  20. kareje
    We are doing our best to stay in real time studying, restructuring, for we see many in need of options. We have a plan w/your help!