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  1. SomeOldGuy
    renter saving for a piece of land
  2. Ganesh Jagdale
    Ganesh Jagdale
    Ignorance is bliss until you realise!
  3. Ian
    Spring is in the air, lovely temperatures, lot's of flowers, bee's and yes, the cursed weeds
  4. Kendra Roark
    Kendra Roark
    Don't know how to update my profile yet. My location just says South Central ... It should say South Central Missouri
  5. Justincbee
    Justincbee Grahame
    So , how did your chestnut tree union go?? I have one, and looking to prune this yr.
    2 planted only 10 ft apart.
    Not great soil but amended.
    Not pruned yet... 4yr. Old.
    I have another located round back. These needed to get above a hedge first, now they are... grew 5’ in height this yr! I’ll try to post a pic. Justin
  6. Anthony DiBiase
    Anthony DiBiase
    Hey Everyone, glad to finally be on here!
  7. Pol Bishop
  8. Theo Herbots
    Theo Herbots
  9. Luis Hernandez
  10. Mirja
    PDC 173 , 2.8.2017-12.8.2017 . Tierra Martinez und Bea Rodriguez , Lindenhof , Ober-Rahmstadt
  11. Aaron Elton
    Aaron Elton
    230 acre farm in Uganda on the Nile river lake kyoga estuary. 50 year vision to reforest the Sahara with economicly viable franchise model.
  12. Emanuele Cavaiolo
    Emanuele Cavaiolo
  13. Pat
    Be better.
  14. Terracrua Design Portugal
  15. Wayne Hutchinson
    Wayne Hutchinson
    I'm a outdoor person who loves, Camping drumming and singing, under the stars also organic farming and meditation
  16. Belle Amor
    Belle Amor
    Which are your favorite islands and why?
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    2. Wayne Hutchinson
      Wayne Hutchinson
      Trinidad the People and its Biodiversity :)
      Jul 20, 2017
  17. Peilun
    Developing Permaculture forest garden1st year. Did wwoofing n took PDC 2 yrs ago.Hope to put theory into practice n live sustainably.
  18. Belle Amor
    Belle Amor
    Looking for information, how-to, and reviews on global topographical maps.
  19. Ian
    First of the winter frosts this morning
  20. Lin Zhao
    Lin Zhao
    Humanity and nature can develop in harmony.