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Going Off Grid Solar Workshop – Greening the Desert

October 5, 2018 - October 6, 2018Book Now

PRI Jordan
Jawasari, Jordan + Google Map

Before taking the plunge of going off grid, there are lots of things to consider. Especially if you want to do it ethically or the permaculture way.

Knowledge is power and educating yourself is the one thing you never invest enough time and energy in.

This workshop at the Dead Sea Valley, Greening the Desert Project in Jordan will help you design and create your own energy systems whether you want to install it yourself  or a professional does it for you.

About 24 Hour Solar Power

24 Hour Solar Power supports people and their families with their off grid experience and supports them through the trials and tribulations of living with batteries.

In all our time supporting people with problems in solar systems, the most serious issue is lack of knowledge. Living from batteries and renewable energy systems is a very different experience than living on mains power.

Getting the most out of what you purchased is the key to having a successful experience living with batteries.

When you understand it all, there is no better feeling than knowing you live your life on clean energy that you created in your own backyard.

About the Course

What you will learn at the workshop:

  • All the different panel technologies.
  • Which batteries are best for your application.
  • How inverters and solar charge controllers work.
  • You will also get hands-on experience as we will be completing an installation in the workshop.
  • How to setup a backup power system.

All students will receive access to our online video workshop and library which is full of how-to videos.

This workshop will help you design and install your own system and save time and money on getting your system right the first time.

About the Teacher

A portrait of Mike Haydon from 24 Hour SolarYour Teacher Mike Haydon has been designing and installing Permaculture solar systems with batteries for over 12 years. Mike and his team only do systems that involve batteries.

Mike and his team took their family home off the grid in the middle of Sydney and created a permaculture demonstration site in the middle of Australia’s largest city.

Mike has a passion for permaculture and was a Director on the board of permaculture Australia. After completing his Permaculture Design Course (PDC)  with Geoff Lawton he has been heavily involved in the permaculture community in Australia for over 5 years.


PRI Jordan is located on the lowest point of the earth in one of the most testing climates’ to practice Permaculture.

The local population is made up of traditional Bedouin tribes and long-term refugees stemming from displacement of local populations from within Palestine. The project site is typical of the area – a marginal arid land low-income settlement. It is currently still under development and upon completion it will demonstrate energy-efficient appropriate housing with natural cooling systems and a plant nursery attachment, solar electricity, solar hot water, biological waste water treatment recycling, dry compost toilets, rain water harvesting earthworks and diverse interactive plant, animal and tree systems for local food production and processing. The demonstration house will function as a classroom and administration office for the project and local Permaculture group. Once established, the project will serve as a model that can be replicated within the village, throughout Jordan and other countries in the region.

The project, started in 2008, has already seen significant progress. The first trees were planted and are growing well and the first garden is producing some vegetables. PRI has the people power in place to move on this project, but is in great need of funds to purchase supplies. Any financial support is greatly appreciated. In this heightened time of great tragedy for the Palestinian people, this is something positive we can all do to directly affect their survival.


For accomodation during the course, you may camp overnight on site or contact if you would like to enquire about the rooms that we have available at the project site.

Cultural Sensitivity

The Jordan Valley is home to an ancient and classical civilization that has had many cultures, traditions, and peoples cross through its land and also settle within. International students are requested to be culturally sensitive to the Islamic traditions and Muslim social protocol. A full orientation will be provided.

General Guidelines

  • Open and receptive attitude toward cross cultural communication
  • Willingness to ask questions whenever necessary
  • Conservative attire is recommended
  • Respecting cultural gender relations
  • Sobriety at all times during the PDC course
  • Respect for elders, religious traditions and practice, and community leaders
  • Not photographing locals without permission, with cautionary emphasis on photographing local women and children

For men this would include:

  • Respecting Muslim gender relation etiquette
  • Wearing long shorts at least to the knee
  • Wearing shirts at all times
  • Not touching or shaking hands of Muslim women without explicit permission
  • Not displaying overly intimate affection in public with wife or partner

For ladies this would include:

  • Showing respect for oneself
  • Respecting Muslim gender relation etiquette
  • Long skits or pants (Shorts considered offensive)
  • Wearing shirts at all times
  • Not displaying overly intimate affection in public with husband or partner


You can pay for your course now via Paypal or credit card by purchasing a ticket below, or you can contact us at All prices are in Australian dollars, including GST. An early bird discount is available if the course fee is paid 21 days prior to the course start date.

Prior to booking please read our refunds policy.

Need help?

If you have any questions about this course please contact us.


October 5, 2018
October 6, 2018
Free – $600
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Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.
Camping accommodation will be available.


PRI Jordan
Jawasari, Jordan + Google Map
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