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Democracy for Sale by the Corporate Citizen

Should corporations have the same rights as individuals? Should corporations, many of which have a greater turnover than entire countries, be free to finance the politicians they favour – in direct competition against little ‘ol you and me? Well, the Supreme Court of the United States thinks so, and has ruled this into law. This means the term ‘Corporate America’ is now completely accurate. Corporations now effectively own the U.S. […]

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Frank’s Shovel, and Day 8 at Copenhagen Update

Editor’s Note: This is a repost from Marc Roberts at Throbgoblins. Be sure to comment and encourage our Frank in his permaculture ambitions. We’d certainly love to see him taking regular breaks from his passionate activist endeavours to recharge in nature and build some resiliency for himself against these troubled times. (But please, please, no making fun of his thirty five year old singlet….) Click for larger view Courtesy: Throbgoblins […]

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Back from the Brink, and the Climate Slamdown

Click for full view Courtesy: Throbgoblins I don’t know about you, but I was getting quite concerned about the health and whereabouts of our good friend Cantankerous Frank. We haven’t seen him around these parts for a few months now. A couple of times I thought I saw him lurking in the shadows, but it was probably just my wishful thinking and some branches moving in my periphery. If he […]

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Tigger Does Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Regular readers will have noted a couple of posts – here and here – covering the new and developing Mullumbimby Community Gardens project underway not so far from Zaytuna Farm (about half an hour east, if travelling by car, or a day’s ride on horseback). Readers of those posts will have seen the panoramas I took to try to keep track of progress. Well, despite clambering up onto their shipping-container-come-tool-shed […]

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Active Listening

Click for full view Courtesy: Throbgoblins I’d be very interested in hearing what coping mechanisms readers have developed for dealing with “climate trauma.” The knowledge that humanity is headed pell-mell toward self-destruction is tough to deal with.  I am fortunate that I get to vent blog full time on this subject, though that doesn’t free me from the frustrations of the Cassandra syndrome. I will share one of my secrets […]

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures?

I just read how certain scientists are now describing geo-engineering options as ‘feasible‘. Sigh. As it has become increasingly obvious that society as we know it just cannot continue – the gospel of consumption message politicians and economists have been preaching over the last fifty years having outright misled us and painted us into a very tight corner – the goalposts start to get moved on theoretical ‘escape plans’ that […]

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The Accidental Tuberist

Bringing food back to the ‘burbs, one spud at a time The local small town shopping centre; A great place to pick up milk, gasbag about Mrs Jones’ promiscuous cat and find potatoes growing wild on the medium strip. While collecting cardboard from the recycle bin the other day for a sheet mulching exercise, I found this little guild – of a spud with a purslane ground cover – occurring […]

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