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Deep Penetration

Click for full view Courtesy: Marc Roberts This a shameless repost of a ‘toon from April 2009. I guess I should have brought it up to date with nuances of entrapment and illegitimacy, etc. — but it’ll be back round in a year or two. I’ll do it then. If I can be bothered. Deep Cover agent provocateur.

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Instant Messaging

Click for full view Courtesy: Marc Roberts The Astro-turf phenomenon isn’t new, but George Monbiot’s recent article, and the recent Fox-leaks non-shock put it back in my mind. Elsewhere – Polar bears move inland and begin to assimilate, sound advice is offered on risk management and our persistent buggering of the soil takes its toll. I’m not sure what’s happened to Frank. He wandered off into a snow storm a […]

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Kids Move to the Country – Part II

Pit-falls, projects and laughs from our Permaculture journey “Andrew, I need to talk to you about something,” I’ve sought out the new president of the Community Garden at Peregian Beach, Andrew Maitland, to ask an important yet delicate question. “Yes?” “It’s about slugs,” “Slugs?” “Yes, I have a lovely, bumper crop of slugs.”

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