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The Fish Ponds of Molokai

Geoff Lawton visits the Hawaiian Island of Molokai where an 800-year-old traditional fish farming system is being restored. Fish farming has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. The Hawaiians built a sustainable system that worked from the top of the mountain range and ran right down to the base and out to sea. The Hawaiians built a network of terraced gardens – small spring systems in the upper slope […]

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Discovering an Oasis in the American Desert

We’re out in the hot Sonoran Desert, somewhere near Tucson, Arizona. It’s hot. Very hot. I’m down to a small amount of water in my bottle and it’s disappearing fast. I’m starting to think one could go crazy and possibly die of thirst out here filming this stuff. Luckily I’m with Geoff Lawton and Brad Lancaster, both experts in water harvesting. Geoff, however, has abandoned me under the shade of […]

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Cold Climate Food Forest

This food forest system is well established and has a number of mature trees that are well over 30 year’s old. It also has a number of younger trees planted below the tree canopy. It is a food forest system that is growing wild with minimal maintenance and has been in the one family for over 40 years. It is a wild mix of nuts, berries, and fruit trees where […]

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How Goats Built My Food Forest and Gave Me Fuel for My Rocket Stove

When Geoff Lawton told me that he had discovered a novel way to use goats to design his food forest, it seemed a most unlikely idea. In fact I was a little skeptical. Were the goats replacing the work of his interns? Did he manage to train his goats to work with axes and cut down trees? This was something I’d like to see. “No, nothing like that.” explained Geoff, […]

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America’s Forgotten Food Forest Suburb

Years ago, Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison made a TV series called Global Gardener. In a 10-minute segment of that series he visited a particular 60-acre intentional community called Village Homes, located at Davis, California. Mollison visited this estate many times. The reason he kept returning there was the way it was constructed. Passive Solar designed homes, water harvesting swales and a forest of fruit trees that were planted in the […]

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Permaculture Design Videos

A free series of permaculture design videos by Geoff Lawton, world renowned permaculture designer, teacher, and consultant, reveals how to not only survive the coming crisis with permaculture design but how to build abundance on your land. How to have all the water you will ever need. How to have all the fish you will ever want. How to have your own food forest and grow all your own food. […]

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Establishing a Food Forest

Establishing a Food Forest

Is it possible to live sustainably and grow an edible Food Forest? Join me on an amazing journey from classroom theory to practical application. I will take you through the emerging process of seeding a food forest, watching it grow and emerge a few years later by allowing Nature to do all the work. Let me show a lost food forest 10 years later as I cut through tall grass and see how it has emerged and grown when left to its own devices.

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