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Saving Seeds

Seeds are one of those many miraculous parts of nature that are just so hard to understand. What could be more perplexing than the thought that what you eat, and all the trees and plants around us and all plant-derived material, began with those tiny little things called seeds. The variety of plants out there says a lot then for the variety of seeds that can be found — more […]

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Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Video Tour – Part II

Last year I took some time out to make a Zaytuna Farm Video Tour for you all (embedded here, with lots of photos and text). The positive comments, both on our site and on YouTube, along with additional questions (see comments below this post), encouraged us to make another! This new video, above, shot 11-12 months after the original video, is twice as long and covers several aspects of the […]

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Letters from New Zealand – a Permaculture Food Forest in the Far South

The home of Robert and Robyn Guyton stands amidst an abundance of food All photos © PRI Robyn Guyton stands in the Zone 5 area of her food forest Riverton is a quaint little windswept fishing settlement on the far-south coastline of New Zealand’s beautiful South Island (map). As well as being one of the southernmost inhabited towns in the world, and one of New Zealand’s oldest European settlements, Riverton […]

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Bombing Cairo With Seeds

Last October, in the run-up towards World Food Day, a seed bombing event was co-organized in Cairo in collaboration with Nawaya. Nawaya is a start-up social enterprise focusing on agriculture as a core driver for rural development — but not just any agricultural system. Nawaya specifically promotes ecological farming practices whereby Egyptian rural communities become stewards of their local environment and agro-ecological resources. This is a long process of awareness-raising […]

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Update on Permaculture Implementation and Design Development at Hafto Site, Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia

Editor’s Note: Regular readers will have appreciated Alex McCausland’s regular and comprehensive reports from precariously positioned Ethiopia, and the great work he and his team have been doing on the ground. If you want to learn practical permaculture and gain real-world permaculture aid work experience in a location rich in agricultural history, then please consider taking Alex’s next PDC, to be held in southern Ethiopia between December 10 — 22, […]

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Food from Perennial(ising) Plants in Temperate Climate Australia for September 2012

This is the first monthly post for the research project about perennial plants and perennialising annual plants providing food in temperate climate Australia. The original article introducing this project, stating its aims, and providing participant instructions, can be found here. Growers are sending me information on a month by month basis, then this information is collated and published early the following month.

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Seed Freedom, Film Clips and an Open Day

It is now International Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action! And we now have over 1000 clips on our channel at Michel and Jude Fanton are celebrating the Fortnight of Seed Freedom Action with several events in Sydney in October: Sunday 7th: Diversify your Garden Workshop at Karonga School, Epping. 9am to 4pm

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Imprinting Soils – Creating Instant Edge for Large Scale Revegetation of Barren Lands

With the U.S. and other countries caught in unprecedented droughts, and arid areas of the world growing in tandem, this simple method for speeding revegetation at scale offers a lot of promise. Imprinting roller Imprinted soil The barren, arid landscapes of the world are notoriously hard to revegetate. Indeed, the earth in these regions is usually very hard to describe as ‘soil’. As vegetation dies off, the soil gets exposed […]

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Vandana Shiva and Geoff Lawton Talk Together About Freeing the Seed

Regular readers will know we are doing what we can to support Vandana Shiva‘s "Occupy the Seed" campaign, running between 2 — 16 October, 2012. This worthy "Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action" is a call to respect and liberate the world’s seeds and to maximise their diversity — there being the very basis of our existence, and an absolute wonder of biological ‘magic’ in their own right. On Wednesday September […]

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Vandana says “Occupy the Seed”: Join the Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action, 2-16 October 2012

by International Permaculture Day On Sunday 6th May 2012, we launched the first International Permaculture Day and were honoured to interview world-renowned environmental activist and seed defender Dr. Vandana Shiva. Dr. Shiva spoke to us about the importance of seed sovereignty as the basis for permanent (sustainable) agriculture and about the grave and growing threat of patented seeds to life, diversity and freedom. In response, she’s started a global campaign […]

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The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes

A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs — False Promises, Failed Technologies by Navdanya International People who point out the emptiness of the pretensions of powerful people and institutions are often compared to the child in Hans Christian Andersen’s fable who says that the emperor has no clothes.

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