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Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge Update: Solar Powered Fridge

Editor’s Note: As many of you will have noticed, Alex has been making some great practical updates on the work going on at the Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge. The following article is another good example. I thought I’d mention that if you want to soak in some excellent experience at this site, Steve Cran will be leading a great course beginning July 1, 2011 that you might want to attend if […]

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Permaculture Training of Trainers: Interactive Training for Permaculture in Aid Work in the Developing World (30 Day Program US$2000; 8-week follow-up internship program US$1000)

Steve Cran brings his infamous Green Warriors (Permaculture-Aid Workers’) Program to Ethiopia. This course is a full-on intensive, interactive action learning Training of Trainers Course, inducting the participants on the practicalities of applying Permaculture to the development of food security in rural third world communities. This induction will be done through action learning: The participants themselves will run a “Community Sustainability Course” for two local Ethiopian School Communities in the […]

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Letters from Slovakia – a Homeless Camp Goes Permaculture

Already doing what it can to operate along sustainable lines, a homeless camp in Slovakia is looking for a permaculture makeover and evolution. In little more than eight years, more than 800 homeless people have come and gone through this little site. For some it was temporary salvation, giving them a roof over their heads just when they needed it most, for others it meant even more — redirecting their […]

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Joe Jenkins Helps Handle Humanure in Haiti

Joe Jenkins isn’t afraid of nutrients, in whatever form they may come. He’s a champion of turning waste from being a problem to being a solution instead; a resource, in point of fact. Many of you will be familiar with his Humanure Handbook. If not, you should! Perhaps few places in the world are in need of nutrient cycling solutions as urgently as Haiti. Below is a three-part video series […]

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Observations and Interactions at the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening the Desert – the Sequel’)

Is it any wonder with daily reminders of the widening disparity between exponential population growth and water and food scarcity, so many of us begin to question the possibility of long term sustainable human habitation on the planet? Being a constant witness to damage caused by modern agricultural practices — motivated and driven largely by corporate greed — is proof enough that our ineffective systems have to change and come […]

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The Sacred Suenos Andean Regeneration Project, Ecuador

Some days, says Yves, it’s like this, “dammit, the donkey just stepped on my foot and the goats ate my broccoli, but damn, look at that sunset!” Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer on Yves’ and Jen’s Sacred Suenos project. It is located on a mountainside near Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador. Using permaculture principles and methods as the overarching guiding force, they are regenerating the land. […]

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Haiti Earthship Community Design Proposal

Michael Reynolds has been doing some great things with his Earthship Movement. One example is that after the earthquake hit Haiti, he and his colleagues went to help the people by building environmentally sound, affordable, disaster-proof dwellings. With the experience of working in Haiti they have come up with a brilliant design for one of the ways they can really help Haitians — being that it has been over a […]

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ACTED Looking for Permaculture Manager for Pakistan Relief

© ACTED 2010 Contract: Fixed Term Duration: 10 months Starting Date: ASAP Location: Sindh, Pakistan Background on ACTED ACTED is an independent international, private, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non discrimination. ACTED was created in 1993 to support populations affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. Based in Paris, France, ACTED now operates in 28 countries worldwide, with over […]

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Help Us Give You What You Want

Do you really understand what the Worldwide Permaculture Network is all about? The WPN represents many months of work. Now is your chance to pitch in a little, and directly benefit with improved functionality and more capabilities. In a world seemingly gone mad, permaculture is reinvigorating countless individuals worldwide – giving them hope by giving them tools (knowledge) to equip them to live free, secure, healthy and happy. The Worldwide […]

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Update on the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening the Desert, the Sequel’): “Leave All Expectations Behind”

I felt fully prepared leaving for Jordan three weeks ago. Equipped with a 55ltr backpack laden with books, a compost thermometer, a dumpy level as hand luggage and a few well chosen words of advice from former patrons of the land: "Leave all expectations behind". In fact, as i remember correctly, it was to "flush them down the toilet". Within hours of my arrival it became rapidly apparent that would […]

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Letters from Chile – Transition El Manzano, Chile

Remember my trip to Chile in April last year to report on the work of Ecoescuela El Manzano? It was two months after the big shake and tsunami — see the article series below if you didn’t catch it already. While there I also took some video, and Matt Whittley was kind enough to help out on the video editing front for me, so we’re finally able to share a […]

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Sacred is Our Inherent Right to Live Free and Gloriously – Interview with Craig Mackintosh

Interview with Craig Mackintosh by Willi Paul about the new Worldwide Permaculture Network Willi Paul: Is there a global permaculture revolution rising now? Craig Mackintosh: Well, there had better be. The other kinds of revolution aren’t pretty. Revolution, I believe, is going to become an increasingly popular word. But often revolutions merely pull things down, without offering meaningful replacements. Over the last few years the level of interest in permaculture […]

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