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Bees Versus Elephants

Not too many permaculturists have to deal with problems as potentially destructive, and even deadly, as elephants. But, I have met some of these people in my travels (see here and here). For those around the world grappling with this oversized issue, here is some potential help born of good permaculture system observation: A simple fence made from wood, wire and beehives can deter elephants from raiding farmers’ crops. A […]

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Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution – An Interview with Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison Photo Copyright © Craig Mackintosh Bill Mollison calls himself a field biologist and itinerant teacher. But it would be more accurate to describe him as an instigator. When he published Permaculture One in 1978, he launched an international land-use movement many regard as subversive, even revolutionary. Permaculture — from permanent and agriculture — is an integrated design philosophy that encompasses gardening, architecture, horticulture, ecology, even money management and […]

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Interview: Bill Mollison on Permaculture and Ecosystems for the Future (1986 and sadly still current)

An interview conducted by Richard Alan Miller in 1986, submitted by Judith Goldsmith About two months ago, Charles Walters, editor for Acres, USA, asked if I might not get interviews with Bill Mollison and Masanobu Fukuoka for future use in his paper. Both were to be speakers at The 2nd International Permaculture Conference, August 8-10 at the Evergreen State College, in Olympia. This turned out to be a working conference, […]

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Integrated Design

Photo © Craig Mackintosh Could it be useful sometimes to replace the name permaculture with something else, because some people have wrong associations with the word? I’ve heard people discussing this, but they didn’t come up with any alternative. Here I have a suggestion: “integrated design”. In a way, permaculture principle eight – integrate rather than segregate – has become like my most precious jewel among the design principles. And […]

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Introducing the Permaculture Designers’ Manual, Chapter 2: Concepts and Themes in Design

This is Part II of a series. Read Part I before proceeding. Editor’s Note: This article series is by Jesse Lemieux of PRI Canada – who will soon be teaching a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course at PRI’s own Zaytuna Farm. Book now to secure your place on a course taught by a seriously good permaculture enthusiast, practitioner and teacher, as evidenced also by this developing article series! This is […]

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Why Learn Permaculture – for the Children and Ourselves

Permaculture is one of the only ways home for humanity. If one believes in modernism, industrial agriculture and better living through chemistry read no further. However, if you feel something is not right about the way we live, read on. I have come to realize that it is because we have been taught from birth to be dependent on the system or civilization that we have lost our connection to […]

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Permaculture “Your Way To Sustainable Living”

Permaculture “Your Way To Sustainable Living”

by Geoff Lawton, first published in Veritas Magazine. Permaculture is a design science that applies design to the way humanity needs to supply itself with its requirement to live sustainably and in a way that actually enhances the environment. So, the principles of permaculture turn the footprint of humanity into the most beneficial footprint on earth rather than the most damaging footprint. And that’s how nature works. Permaculture’s principles come […]

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Decoding Pattern

by Adrian Buckley The modern-day education system is almost entirely bent on creating an army of university professors and other specialists. We have been systematically trained to specialize, and as a result we approach problem-solving by studying parts of a whole, where the connections between them are commonly ignored.

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