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Permaculturists in Sunday Times – Living Fluidly

(IM)PERMANENCE film was noticed by the Sunday Times who featured our family in an article regarding "living fluidly". by Richard Perkins In case you didn’t catch the article in the Sunday Times last week, our family was featured in an article about living fluidly, how a generation of people are now forging new ways to interact to meet their needs in these uncertain times. To add to this I wished […]

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The Rise of Tricycle Pushcarts

Wandering tortillas Even in backward mining communities, as late as the sixteenth century more than half the recorded days were holidays; while for Europe as a whole, the total number of holidays, including Sunday, came to 189, a number even greater than those enjoyed by Imperial Rome. Nothing more clearly indicates a surplus of food and human energy, if not material goods. Modern labor-saving devices have as yet done no […]

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FRESH – World’s Wildest Supermarket

A holistic and most outrageous concept being turned into reality in Denmark. From: Sepp Holzer’s Permakultur, Leopold Stocker Verlag, 2008 Fresh is the concept for an organic, living supermarket in cities and villages, where instead of taking the items off the shelf, the customer harvests the produce directly from raised beds! It is a system that works with nature rather than against it. By harvesting, the customer contributes to the […]

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Yacon Syrup

by Zaia Kendall We had an over-abundant supply of yacon that had to be harvested. Yacon (also known as ground apple) grows very easy in our (sub-tropical) climate — one plant produces many rhizomes for division and re-planting. It needs very little attention when in the ground and Tom is of the opinion that it improves the soil where it has grown. One can only eat so much yacon and […]

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Australia’s National Food Plan – Heard about it?

by Genevieve Hopkins Have you heard about the Australian Government’s proposed National Food Plan? Nope? Neither had we until we read an article in the most recent newsletter from Green Pages stating that Senator Joe Ludwig has extended the deadline for submissions until September 2. Don’t get us wrong, we’re supportive of extending the deadline but we are very concerned that this is the first time we’ve heard anything about […]

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Shifting to Community-Scale Food Thinking

This week I received all our yearly seed catalogs, and, as usual, started planning feverishly. How many is too many weird and wonderful heirloom watermelon varieties? And then I paused. Wait a minute, we’re aiming for community scale in our vegetable production this year. This shifts the goalposts entirely. I’m now realizing that, for our organic market garden adventure, we will no longer be focusing on the craziest colored tomatoes. […]

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Sustainable Agriculture and Off-Grid Renewable Energy

Small integrated farms with off-grid renewable energy may be the perfect solution to the food and financial crisis while mitigating and adapting to climate change by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Note: A fully referenced and illustrated version of this report is posted on ISIS members’ website and also available for download here. A Sarvodaya villager sells a diverse range of organic produce roadside – with more than 95% of it grown […]

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City Kids Move to the Country (and One Moves Back Again) – Part VI

Pit-falls, projects and laughs from our Permaculture journey. Ah… Autumn… beautiful! “It’s just too hard!” the voice in my head said. “How am I going to cope with the house, garden, turbo-charged grass and eroding drive-way on my own, now that Chris has moved back to Brisbane for work?” Then my eye was caught by something orange on the swale. Wandering over, I noticed flies were buzzing around it like […]

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Bacteria – an Endangered Species!

3 types of lactic ferment The world is full of bacteria but there are certain bacteria that are fast becoming an endangered species. The bacteria that live in the gut of homo sapiens, particularly those of Caucasian origin, are fast disappearing. These particular bacteria comprise of the good bowel flora that is needed to create vitamins, break down undigested food particles and generally be a dominating presence within the nether […]

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Pickling Garlic the Okinawan Way

Making Okinawan pickled garlic is the perfect way to enter the world of pickling. Those who have the itch to make their own fresh, mouthwatering pickles are guaranteed success with this recipe. It is virtually fool proof — take it from someone whose first attempt at making sauerkraut yielded a moldy, smelly, and probably toxic mess. Making garlic pickles is simple as simple can be, and you only need these […]

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The Benefits of Eating Raw Cheese

Where in the world can you get hold of raw cheese? Not in this country, unless you make your own that is. So what’s so special about eating raw cheese? Well it’s the flavour that you notice first. When chomping into a piece of cheese made from organic, raw milk, you really taste the difference! There is a certain complexity about raw cheese that is noticed straightaway after that first […]

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