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Presentations for Download – from the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) in Jordan

All photographs © Craig Mackintosh This is a short post to provide a central repository for people to download presentations I was given after the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) in Jordan, which ran over September 2011. Note: If there are presenters who haven’t passed their files to me, but would still like to see them on this page, I would ask you to send them to me on editor […]

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Urban Permaculture Movie Night and Talk by Geoff Lawton, Gold Coast, Australia

Attention people who are interested in Permaculture, sustainable living and being a positive change in our world. Come along to our garden for our first showing of the Urban Permaculture DVD by Geoff Lawton, the director and educator of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia! The movie will be shown in the 5 year old Permaculture Organic garden called Urban Eden along with a talk and questions and answers by […]

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How to Run Your Own Blitz

by John Shiel Photo © Craig Mackintosh There are 2 ways to run a PermaBlitz (building a Permaculture community garden or backyard food garden in one day): coordinated by your local Permaculture club (you receive help with garden design, getting people to your house, and you are covered by their liability insurance), or where a group of friends just have a working bee and look after themselves. Not all Permaculture […]

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Warren Brush: “Permaculture and Peacemaking in a Thirsty World” (IPC10 Presentation Video), Plus Permaculture Outreach in Kenya

Warren Brush presents at the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10), Amman, Jordan, September 2011 Photograph © PRI I consider it a privilege to be a friend of Warren Brush, and it’s been a pleasure to see his rapid development in all things Permaculture. In his presentation at the IPC10 (Amman, Jordan, September 2011) Warren took on the topic of peacemaking — in his trademark style of very interesting storytelling, using […]

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Letters from Jordan – IPC10 Group Photo

Photo © Craig Mackintosh (Permission given for personal non-commercial use) Email Resolution (240kb) | Print Resolution (870kb) | Poster Resolution (4mb) Whew! The post-IPC tours began today, but the conference and convergence themselves have come to an end. What a ride it’s been! I’m personally totally exhausted, but in a good way. I’ll tell you more and share more pictures and video soon — after I’ve had time to make […]

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Letters from Jordan – IPC10 Conference Day

Roberto Perez Rivero, Cuba, addresses the conference guests Photo © Craig Mackintosh It was a full day of varied talks — varied both in terms of the content, and the background and experience of the speakers. I won’t say a lot about the talks, as you are able to watch them yourselves on! On the morrow we head to the southern end of Jordan, to the famously beautiful desert […]

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Letters from Jordan – IPC10 and the Permaculture Princess

Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan opens IPC10 Photographs © Craig Mackintosh The opening of the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) already saw Permaculture getting the attention it deserves. Over 100 people from around the world were seated to ‘break bread’ at the conference’s opening gala dinner on the evening of Friday September 16. Aside from permaculturists from every continent, the event also drew (by our own ‘subversive’ design) people […]

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Jordan IPC10 Update – Live Streaming is Good to Go

Bill and Lisa Mollison about to go below sea level and into the Dead Sea Valley, Jordan. Bill is, as you can see, particularly prepared. Photo © Craig Mackintosh Hello from Jordan! Many of you expressed interest in wanting to watch the IPC via live-streaming, and not a few of you were kind enough to contribute to our costs for facilitating this. Many thanks to those who did, it’s much […]

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Sustainable World Radio Interviews Margie Bushman & Wes Roe on IPC10

Margie Bushman & Wes Roe on Amazon boat tour, IPC8 Brazil Here’s a great opportunity to get a bit of background and foreground on the International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC10), which is now imminent! Listen to the podcast below to hear Margie and Wes talk to Sustainable World Radio and give their experiences with past IPCs, and their hopes for the current and future IPC events. It’s an inspiring, […]

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Live Streaming of the International Permaculture Conference (IPC10)!

For those who cannot make it to the IPC10 in Jordan next month (September 2011), my announcement here should hopefully be gladly received! PRI Australia has put up the funds for the additional equipment I needed to enable me to live-stream the International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) to the internet. I’ll be live-streaming the 1-day Conference, and with a bit of luck perhaps even parts of the 4-day Convergence (the latter […]

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