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Permaculture Volunteer Sought for Uganda

Can you imagine yourself preparing a small-scale intensive garden whilst enjoying Ugandan songs, smiles and sweet bananas? If so, this permaculture volunteer position may be for you! The Network for Holistic Community Development (NEFHCOD) is a small, non-government organisation established in 2005 in the Rakai District, Southern Uganda. NEFHCOD works to empower communities and the needy for sustainable economic development and works predominantly with those living with and affected by […]

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The Money Masters

The stock market crisis has been described by many as the worst financial disaster since the great depression of the 1930s. It is freezing cashflows worldwide, putting the livelihoods of millions at risk, and stopping economic growth in its tracks. Even the US$700 billion bailout plan, with US taxpayers picking up the tab, seems not to be calming investor fears as it was hoped. People have “a sense that there’s […]

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Demystifying Economics

Tigger Economics For many people economics appears complex and incomprehensible. As soon as the debate turns to economics, and jargon such as ‘productivity’ or ‘microeconomic reform’ start to be used, people can feel alienated and mystified and unable to respond appropriately. It seems that many policy makers rely on this economic illiteracy of the general population to make sure that policies are not opposed or that serious debate is averted. […]

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