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City Kids Move to the Country – Part VII

My property has been behaving itself since my last City Kids update. Without the tropical downpours and flooding Queensland suffered last summer, it’s been much easier to manage. The slope down under the house no longer hosts a makeshift waterfall, and the gravel driveway has stopped flowing like a river and getting washed down the storm water drain. I’ve learnt where the potholes are, filled most of them with gravel, […]

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When Orthodox Science Meets Permaculture Principles, Techniques and Design Process

Design science is at the root of any definition of permaculture or put simply, permaculture is design science. — Bill Mollison Permaculture is a design/holistic/integrative science, whereas the mainstream/academic science is reductionist — that is, to understand how things work, scientists break a system and study the tiny parts. Nevertheless, permaculture can benefit from reductionist science, to find relevant knowledge and new design ideas, but above all to gain some […]

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The Urban Permaculture DVD and the Sound-Proof Chicken House

The biggest problem with chicken houses in urban settings has got to be the hyper-vocal rooster. If you want to avoid having tired grumpy neighbours, what can you do? Even giving them a few eggs per week is unlikely to assuage their wrath. There are obvious options to deal with this situation, but they’re not pretty — like a shotgun, for instance. Some say that if you want to ensure […]

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Animal Systems at HEPA, Vietnam

At SPERI’s Human Ecology Project Area we have a number of Farmer Field Schools (HEPA FFS) which are host to students from a variety of indigenous minority groups from Vietnam and Laos. The students are here to learn about eco-farming and permaculture whilst respecting traditional laws and customs. The main focus of the farms isn’t to be productive, but rather to provide an environment where the students can experiment with […]

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Spring Permaculture Tips and Tricks

by Chuck Burr Here is the Spring collection of permaculture tips and tricks from the Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute. Enjoy. The top photo is the winter Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course students getting a little help from the chickens to establish a block-rotation intense veggie garden in Zone 1 at Restoration Farm.

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The Private Life of Chickens

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a chicken’s head? Maybe you’ve pondered why humans have chosen chickens as the domestic farm bird of choice. You might think the chicken is a rather “bird-brained” animal, but in reality they are much more complex than we give them credit for. In a BBC documentary titled “The Private Life of Chickens” we follow Jim Doherty as he learns about chicken pecking […]

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How to Make a Home Made Chicken Feeder

Editor’s Note: There are still some places left on Jesse’s PDC course at PRI’s Zaytuna Farm in NSW, Australia. Book now! by Jesse Lemieux Last Thursday afternoon, at approximately 4:00pm Tanya asked me, “What about the chickens?” “Oops I hadn’t thought about that.” Recently, we got our hands on three Chantecler pullets.  The Chantecler is a true blue Canadian breed developed in Quebec by Brother Wilfred Chantelain. Bred for cold […]

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Worldwide Permaculture Network Teaser

Heads up! In between everything else, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to work on a new database slash social networking site (I like to think of it as a ‘Facebook for Permaculture’). This is one of several reasons you haven’t been seeing a lot of full-sized articles from me of late…. It’s not launch date yet, but since all the folks at the Australasian Permaculture Conference (APC) […]

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How to Establish a Small Space Intensive Food Garden

Editor’s Note: This post is a good reminder to ensure you take good before, during and after photos as you implement projects! Case studies like this become an awesome portfolio for yourselves, and help people to see the practical potential in permaculture. It can be totally inspiring, and help get people moving on the ground! Case Study – Noela’s Garden, as installed by Geoff and Nadia Lawton This is a […]

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The Power of Enterprise Budgets: Permaculture, Holistic Management, and Financial Planning

Resource alert: At bottom of this blog post is a download option for more than a thousand enterprise budgets. Permaculture designers: It’s time to get serious about profitability. Farmers & Greenhorns: You already know what I’m talking about. I’ve been working on an integrated ecological farm design for the Ashokan Center in the Hudson River Valley bioregion. The design calls for a mega-diversity of organic enterprises: Multi-species rotational grazing, hardy […]

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How to Make an Egg Mobile

So, we wanted to make an egg mobile for egg laying chickens to follow behind our dairy cows and fertilise the pasture while scratching the manure that the cows leave behind. The chickens also leave behind their own manure whilst free ranging across pasture. This technique allows the chickens to supplement their diet and produce some good eggs for us to enjoy. So, first we started off with a 6 […]

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PermaCooking – Your Goose is Cooked

One of several Zaytuna Farm geese All photographs © Craig Mackintosh except where credited otherwise We killed a goose at Zaytuna Farm the other day and by my count we served out 60+ student meals from it, plus two day’s worth of wonderful breakfasts for the staff. Not a bad effort I thought. Pretty good use of a bird. Here’s what we did….

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