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Production of bee-friendly insecticide to remain in Australia

Innovate Ag, the company behind the bio-insecticide Sero-X, has managed to secure funding that will allow them to continue producing this game-changing product in its home of northern New South Wales. Thanks to a new partnership with Belgium-based Biological Products of Agriculture (Bi-PA), Innovate Ag will be able to commercialize Sero-X – and begin distributing it around the world. Using an active ingredient made from the peptides of the butterfly […]

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Ding Dong Monsanto’s Gone

We may finally have a solution to the plant killer Monsanto: MycoPesticide, a super spectacular amazing natural pesticide created, or better said, realized by Paul Stamets. This special man that is king of mushrooms has found a possible way to bring down Monsanto that carelessly tests chemicals on you, me, your children, and the planet! Paul Stamets should be a household name because he just may have saved all of […]

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Insecticide use by nearby cotton farms is causing “devastating” losses for an Australian bee keeper.

Insecticide use by nearby cotton farms is causing “devastating” losses for an Australian beekeeper One of Australia’s largest commercial honey bee pollinators says he has lost more than 500 hives since 2008 due to insecticide spray drift from cotton farms in the area – and has been relocating many of his bees to mitigate the risk. “To go out and see all your hives or your bees dead on the […]

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Attracting Bees to the Garden and Keeping Them There without a Hive

People are in the fight for the rights of bees these days. After a couple of award-winning documentaries (Vanishing of the Bees, Colony) and some real worry in the headlines, the masses have shown up, at least in spirit. The kings of agrochemicals are being badgered, outlawed, and lampooned around every turnover of borders, all in the name of bees. Now, we mustn’t pretend like there are no other voices […]

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Manuka Honey’s Healing Power: Exclusive Property or One of Many?

Manuka honey is well-known for its health benefits (see for example 1).Though famous as a product from New Zealand, the results of recent studies (2) show that the Australian variety is just as potent as its New Zealand cousin. But how does this affect the global honey market? And is it even appropriate, from a permaculture perspective, to place such importance on ‘manuka’ as oppose to other honeys? What is […]

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Integrating Beekeeping with Permaculture

Insects and wildlife are an important part of a permaculture design. Without them your design will not be complete, the forces will not be in balance like the Jedi without Darth Wader. Bees particularly have outputs we all can enjoy, even some vegans are bending the rules for honey and I am sure cavemen were enjoying the honey during palaeontologic times, you know what I mean bullet proof coffee lovers. […]

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