How We Got our Chooks to Lay Again

Around November last year, egg production of our chickens went down to zero over a period of a couple of weeks. The chooks were healthy, they had no disease, they were all looking great and being fed well. We had no idea what was causing the lack of egg laying, as prior to that time we were getting up to 28 eggs per day and the days were getting longer (heading towards summer). It was not until we had a workshop attendee mention that their chooks stopped laying after they got NBN that I decided to do some research.

We were connected up to NBN late 2015, and we got cellular reception (we had none previously) in Kin Kin in the middle of 2016. As we have quite a spread out property, we needed wifi to be boosted for everyone on the property to connect, so we put up a booster antenna around November 2016. Around the time the chooks stopped laying.

There has been research done on the effects of EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields), which can come from electrical appliances, cell phones/towers, antennas, wiring in the home etc. As we have a transformer on the road in front of the property, plus we now have NBN, booster antennas, and cellular reception, the amount of EMFs on the property have increased substantially.  One of the areas in the body that EMFs seem to affect is the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is in charge of hormones in the body. Hormones are messengers that control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even emotions and mood. I personally had major hormonal issues ever since we installed NBN (which of course I did not correlate at the time). And then later that in 2016, after installing our booster antenna, our chooks stopped laying eggs.

After doing my research on EMF protection options, I decided on getting a Blushield “Cube”, which would offer protection for 180 metres diameter. Blushield actually works on your body by giving the body an energy alternative to the EMFs. It is made by Tesla. We decided to put the cube in a central position close to the chickens and not to change anything for at least 6 weeks, so we could see whether it would make a difference.

Here is what we found:

Day 1: Blushield installed (we were getting 1 egg every 3 days)

Day 10: 2 eggs per day

Day 15: 5 eggs per day

Day 21: 13 eggs per day

Day 25: 20 eggs per day

Day 27: 24 eggs per day

We are now almost 8 weeks since the installation of Blushield and we are still getting a consistent average of 19-20 eggs per day (some days more, some days less). The shell is hard (before they stopped laying in November their shells had gotten very soft), the yolk is a beautiful orange and it is a joy again to get the eggs in the morning! Noe, skeptics may say this is a coincidence. But we had no eggs for 6 months (a very long time for chooks to stop laying) and we did not change anything else in their environment or routines.

With the amount of eggs we are getting now, we will have paid our Cube off in no time!

The scary bit about this experience is that we do not know what all this radiation from wireless technology is doing to us… Is it preventing humans from having kids? Is it throwing women into premature menopause? Is it reducing men’s sperm count? And beside the procreation side of things, is it playing a part in hormone based obesity and stress related illnesses? And of course, many other ailments that can occur due to upset hormones… As we give our kids wireless devices from a very young age and everyone is walking around with a mobile phone in their pockets, it is a very serious concern that I feel needs more research. In the mean time, I would recommend people to protect themselves or to totally go offline…

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or if you are giving Blushield a try as well. I would love to get confirmation from other sources as to the difference to production minimising or offering protection from EMFs makes.

Zaia Kendall grew up in a family of musicians in Holland and has a background in top sport and web development and design. She co-founded the PRI Luganville and PRI Sunshine Coast Inc with Tom Kendall, and runs all the background stuff, like finances, business administration, website design, and maintenance, writes articles, records and edits videos and also organises the cooking and the kitchen on site. She has been researching and studying nutrition and health for 20+ years, has a certificate in Nutrition and continues to study by research, reading and daily observation. She is a certified member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and is a holistic food, health and lifestyle coach. She is also an active member of several musical projects and bands, involved in community music and runs occasional percussion workshops

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15 thoughts on “How We Got our Chooks to Lay Again

  1. When I was a biochemistry student I wrote a paper about and enzyme (Ornithine decarboxylase) that is crucial for growth of cells and involved in cancer (uncontrolled cell growth). One of the things that affected the function of the enzyme was EMF. Theories of why were all over the place but it was accepted as fact.

  2. To truly test your idea you should turn the Cube off and see what happens. Would appreciate feedback if you do this.


  3. Blushield “Cube” is not made by Tesla. It’s made by a company called Blushield. Additionally none of the product testing they list on their website is documented or shows who did the tests.

    While you may think you have solved a problem with this device, it looks like you’ve merely observed what may be a coincidence.

    I think it’s really important to apply objective rigor and critical thinking to any testing of technology or solutions put forward in the permaculture community, otherwise we will continue to be perceived as “fringe”.

  4. Just a heads up: Tesla -as in the company owned by Elon Musk that manufactures electric vehiclesand makes solar roof tiles and the home battery called Powerwall -does not make this item. I contacted them to ask how it worked and they told me it was not one of their products. Same name, different company. I would like to see credible scientific evidence this works as I am concerned about the effects of EMFs.

  5. This kind of articles have driven me away from this website. I assume these articles don’t go through any kind of editorial process. For example, what’s NBN? Why if i’m nowhere near Australia am I expected to know what that means? This reads more like an ad for this $700 “cube” made by “Tesla”; not Elon Musk’s Tesla by the way.

  6. I see the need to substantially reduce human population
    As the only real way to solve the damage we are doing

    Perhaps radiating us all with Emr should be encouraged, as a way to reduce sperm count.

    Why do we think we have the right to carry on over growing

  7. I’t will be a great help to everyone in the world to turn off the cube for a week or so to confirm.

    Please keep me in the loop.

  8. Note the product developer claims:

    “Even non-living things are brought back into balance (my car runs smoother with more power).”

    New day, new scam.

    Unfortunately, this looks like yet another product that preys on fear and those with poor scientific education. I would urge PN to remove this post rather than support a scam artist. I suspect the poster may be affiliated.

    “But my chickens are laying more eggs”. No doubt. But very very unlikely that it is due to this product. Correlation does not equal causation.

  9. Please check the science on this. The explanation on the site is what Mollison would have called ‘woo woo’. Also, it is not made by the Tesla company. They simply use the word ‘Tesla’ in their product description, no doubt hoping to create the impression that they are somehow associated.
    At $1,500 per cube you’ll need to get a lot of eggs to justify your investment in this highly dubious product.

  10. Thanks for the news. The cube costs $908.18. How did you heard about this product? I guess I would rather switch the booster antenna off and use ethernet cables rather than buying a $900 cube. I hope we will get later more data about these products,, as the cube does not supress the EMFs but is adding some more with its “supportive and wide spectrum of natural nurturing frequencies’ which ‘the body absorbs and utilises from this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information”. I hope there is no conflict of interests here.

  11. Hi everyone,

    I will try to address everyone’s questions and concerns…

    First of all, yes it is incredibly hard to prove that the device is behind the improvement of our chooks’ egg laying. We conducted the experiment as controlled as possible, by not changing the chooks feed or implementing any other changes at the same time. As EMFs and our internal systems are invisible to the naked eye, it is extremely hard to prove without a doubt that the cube has improved the health of our chooks so that they are laying more eggs. We can only share our observations.
    However, I do not believe in coincidence, especially since our chooks started laying again before the shortest day of the year (the days were still getting shorter). Normally chooks’ laying picks up again after the days start getting longer.
    Now the days have started to get longer and our chooks are actually laying more than ever before.

    My apologies about the misunderstanding about Tesla, there is a Tesla sticker on the cube. We do not benefit from telling you about Blushield or the cube, I just wanted to share this information as I am aware that other people’s chickens have stopped laying after they got NBN installed as well (NBN stands for the National Broadband Network and is a new high speed Broadband service in Australia. Remote areas receive wireless NBN by means of an antenna which communicates with a local NBN tower. If you can connect to NBN you will be disconnected from landline and other internet services within 18 months of NBN becoming available in your area…)

    The website for Australia’s Blushield is

    Another observation is made by me personally. Please do not read this if you do not wish to read about female hormonal cycles:
    When NBN was installed I became menopausal. When we installed the booster antenna my hormones totally flatlined and I was announced (by a doctor through blood testing) to definitely be in menopause.
    On day 10 of the installation of the Cube (when the chooks started laying again) I started cycling again. Now, after around 3 months, my cycle is almost back to normal. I will get a blood test done in the next few months and see whether I am still in menopause.

    Again, this does not prove anything as it is just my observation. However, in Permaculture everything is about observation. Sometimes we do not know why certain things happen when we change something, but we can take note of the results that change affects. In this case we are definitely observing hormonal changes with the Cube being the only variable that we can see.

    It is really up to you whether you think it is a coincidence, woo woo or something that may have value. There are enough scientific research papers out there (Google knows) about the effects of EMFs on the endocrine system.
    And yes, we have by now paid off the cube with our chook eggs, as we are currently getting between 30 – 40 eggs per day.

    As to turning off the Cube for a week, maybe some time in the future. At this stage I feel everything is still trying to adjust and this takes longer for some than others. The chooks seem to have been the first to show changes, but we also have been seeing changes in the behaviour of our other animals and ourselves. I will keep you up to date if we do decide to do further testing.

    One thing we must not forget is that we have never before been subjected to this many unknown factors in our environment. We are aware of pollution in the form of chemicals in our environment, but we are living in an environment where wireless pollution (wifi, mobile, radio, tv etc) is becoming more and more pronounced. This pollution is just as, if not more, dangerous than chemical pollution. And if there is a chance that the effects of this pollution can be neutralised by a simple device, I would like to take that chance.

    1. Great response and interesting observations. Sharing personal observations provokes thought which should be seen as a good thing.

  12. These are not made by Telsla. The manufacturer is using the name of the 19th century French scientis, Tesla, who was a pioneer in electric innovation.

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