Join Us For The International Permaculture Convergence, India 2017

We, at Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, are truly excited to welcome the international permaculture community in India this year and host the 13th International Permaculture Convergence, in Hyderabad, the capital of the southern state of Telangana. Why having this biannual event in India? India boasts a diversity of climates and resulting landscapes, from deserts to alpine tundra to rain-forests to islands. Each of these regions come with their own unique challenges that have been solved through local, traditional practices in sustainable ways. A gathering of experts from these traditions could offer a significant impetus to the permaculture movement in the country and around the world, as well as a new perspective on sustainable livelihoods. People from other parts of the world may be facing similar issues, and will benefit directly or be inspired by these shared experiences and solutions. And so much is to learn the other way around. Cross-cultural learning will be at the heart of the event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Permaculture in India.

Women from Bidakanne village demonstrating traditional seed saving practices

When Narsanna Koppula, a permaculture pioneer in India and the co-founder of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, was chosen as the convenor for this International Permaculture Convergence, he envisioned an event where participants experience hands-on learning and get the opportunity to share their knowledge first-hand. Narsanna has always engaged with farmers at the grassroots level, and is a strong believer in the experiential learning of getting one’s hands ‘clean’ by working directly with the land. He was keen to hold the Convergence on a local farm in rural Telangana, where he has been working with farmers for the past 30 years.

Narsanna Koppula giving Telugu Introduction to Permaculture, January 2017

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives is an environmental and developmental NGO based in Hyderabad. At Aranya Agricultural Alternatives we are focused on providing alternative solutions to existing industrial, chemical-based agriculture. Our vision is to achieve ecological and sustainable agricultural livelihoods through permaculture farming practices. We have been actively promoting and implementing permaculture in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh since our inception in 1999. We have been working with local farmers and tribes on a diverse range of permaculture projects involving participatory irrigation, diversified cropping and companion planting, and watershed management, amongst other things.

Aranya organized the National Permaculture Convergence in February 2016, for the very first time in India. 1200 people hailing from a wide range of sustainable living schools of thought (organic farming, zero budget farming, permaculture, natural farming and so on) took part in the event. We aspire to make the IPC India 2017 an equally joyful and fruitful event for both international and Indian delegates. This event will guide and inspire more than 1200 participants from 100 countries (wishing our dream to come true!). We welcome individuals, farmers, policy makers, researchers, academics and anyone engaged in any initiatives contributing to sustainable farming practices and livelihood to come together to think, share, innovate, learn, and dialogue in a diverse and engaging programme, and strategize about the future of permaculture.

The first ever Indian National Permaculture Convergence, February 2016

The main theme for IPC India 2017 will be « Towards Healthy Societies ». The event will be held in two parts:
● A 2-day Conference at Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University in the city of Hyderabad on November 25 – 26, and
● A 5-day residential Convergence at Polam farm near Hyderabad on November 27 – December 2

Our team – a part of the larger Aranya Agricultural Alternatives team – is working around the clock to get everything ready for November. We are striving to apply permaculture principles to every aspect of the event.

We have been inviting speakers from each continent, emphasizing their diversity of backgrounds, experience, and local practices. Almost 80 people have already agreed to share their knowledge on a wide range of topics. Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist and a major figure in the global ecofeminist movement, and Robyn Francis, a permaculture educator and founder of Permaculture College Australia, will be opening the Conference with focus on the role of women in permaculture. Other topics will include, but not be limited to, growing a food forest in climates like Iceland, permaculture in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, integrating beekeeping in an urban environment, and climate change activism.

The IPCs have traditionally been very special events for reaching out between the continents and for developing strategic directions on how Permaculture can be used effectively to save the world and to serve the needs of all communities but especially the marginalised ones.

To have a truly international event, that really represents permaculture as a whole, we need your help to support local farmers and delegates from developing countries to come to IPC India 2017.

“At a time when natural resources are declining in the country, we need exposure to practices like Permaculture amongst the farming and agricultural community while encouraging to use the resources in harmony with the ecosystem. The 13th IPC in India will be unique as we are organizing this at our farms in Medak. Along with promoting Permaculture, we are raising funds to be able to create a synergy between experts in this space and Indian farmers for a better India and eventually, a better world. I take this opportunity to urge every individual to be a part of this movement and contribute to creating an ecological balance,” said Narsanna Koppula, Co-founder at Aranya.

If you wish to support the Indian farmers fund, please visit our crowdfunding page:

And watch out for the coming International scholarship crowdfunding campaign to be launched very soon by IPCC (IPC Council) & FIPC (Friends of IPC)!

Andy Goldring handing over the organization of the next IPC to Padma and Narsanna Koppula, London 2015

People have left previous IPCs with renewed spirit and armed with best practices, passion and great connections to like-minded people and organisations. If you wish to join us in India to continue to grow the Permaculture movement with us and have a lasting impact in creating a regenerative future for all, visit our website:



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  1. Dear Team

    I am from South Africa . I am involved in numerous Permaculture Projects with Schools and Communities . Would greatly appreciate to be part of this inspirational gathering .

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