Become a WWOOFER with PRI!

Learn more about organic farming and sustainable living by volunteering as a WWOOFER with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI)!

PRI is now offering limited WWOOFing opportunities, we can only take 3 enthusiastic workers at a time, with a minimum one month stay. Working with PRI, directed by world renowned Geoff and Nadia Lawton, gives volunteers the opportunity to live and work at Zaytuna Farm – under the guidance of one of the world’s leading permaculture experts. Located on 65 acres bordering the village of The Channon, near Lismore in northern NSW, Zaytuna Farm is home to a diverse mix of plant species, domestic livestock, and native wild animals.

WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is a global movement that allows volunteers to access a network of organic producers around the world – and sign up for a temporary work placement at the farm of their choosing. As a WWOOF host, PRI will provide volunteers with cultural and educational experiences, as well as food and accommodations. Currently, PRI is accepting three volunteers at a time for a stay of at least one month.

During a stay at Zaytuna Farm, volunteers should expect to work quite hard, generally Monday to Friday between 6:30am to 6:00pm – with regular breaks for meals and tea. With a break on the weekends, WWOOFERs can venture out to explore the local area, or spend time relaxing on the farm. Meals are provided on work days, and much of the food is grown on-site.

WWOOFERs at Zaytuna Farm will be living communally in a campsite filled with other volunteers from around the world – an experience which encourages participation, flexibility, and effort from all parties. In addition to working on the farm, volunteers will be responsible for maintaining the health and hygiene of the farm. This will include domestic duties, like cleaning, as well as keeping a positive attitude and giving your best effort.

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In return, your time at Zaytuna Farm will reward you with strong connections with other WWOOFERs and permaculturists, everyday lessons in solutions-based thinking, and valuable experience in living a sustainable lifestyle. This property is not only an organic farm, but also an education facility and demonstration site for PRI students – and offers plenty of opportunities for learning.

Working at Zaytuna Farm will allow you to see many important sustainable systems in action, from a composting toilet facility to drinking water harvested from rainfall. The property’s power is all generated from a stand-alone solar system, which means volunteers are encouraged to conserve power as much as possible – although, thanks to the generous sunlight in the area, there is usually plenty of power available.

The site also has laundry facilities, wireless internet in the common room, and a communal kitchen with a fridge, where volunteers can prepare their own meals on weekends. For more detailed information about the farm and expectations for WWOOFERs, click here.

Submit your application to volunteer as a WWOOFER at Zaytuna Farm here,, and work with us to create a better world for everyone! You’ll gain valuable experience and knowledge while contributing to the success of a dynamic organic farm. We look forward to welcoming you to Zaytuna Farm!



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