Why Your Garden Needs A Herb Spiral Design Solution

What is a herb spiral

It is a vertical garden that makes use of limited garden space by horizontally accommodating plants along its spiral design. It has a base diameter of around 1.5-2m while its height is 1-1.3 m. It is built on level ground, preferably layered at the bottom to keep weeds at bay, and the walls are built using bricks or stones. The herb spiral not only offers a practical solution but also gives it a much needed face lift.

How does it work?

The spiral herb is built vertically to make use of gravity that allows water to flow freely from the top right through to the bottom so plants that thrive in dry conditions are placed at the top while those that require wetter conditions are planted at the bottom.

Advantages of a Herb Spiral Design

As mentioned earlier, this garden design offers both aesthetic and practical value, Below are some of the ways a Herb Spiral is beneficial to your garden:

1. Maximises on limited space
The design is highly suited for a suburban home that has a small garden. It only occupies a diameter of utmost 2m yet can accommodate a variety of herbs.

2. Creates diverse microclimates
Each level of the herb spiral offers a different climate for herbs. For instance, the top has drier conditions and is under direct glare of sunlight while the bottom has wetter conditions with a bit more shade. Therefore, you can plant herbs on the different levels depending on their requirements.

3. Low maintenance requirements
The initial construction may require lots of work but thereafter requires little maintenance. Watering is not required especially if you have an irrigation system already in place. You only need to mulch, re-sow and harvest.

4. Convenience and time saving
Long gone are the days you have to go all the way to a supermarket to buy your herbs. You only need to step up out your kitchen and pick up the herbs that you need. Not to mention, your herbs will be fresh thereby healthy.

5. Pocket friendly
Food is increasingly getting more expensive so having your own herb spiral will save you some money. You can also decide to plant grow more herbs and sell them to earn you some extra money.

6. Can be built on concrete
Have no garden space, not to worry! The herb spiral can be built directly on concrete. You only need to get some stones and soil. Concrete surfaces also deter the growth of weeds.

7. Conserves water
In an area that receives a lot of rain, a herb spiral provides excellent drainage while for drier areas, water is retained at the bottom. A pump can be placed at the bottom to pump water back to the top thus conserving water.

Herbs that can be grown in a herb spiral

Below are herbs that can be grown in a herb spiral. Make sure you are well aware of the growing conditions of each so that you place them in the appropriate place.

● Coriander
● Mint
● Chives
● Dill
● Basil
● Rosemary
● Oregano
● Thyme
● Tarragon
● Parsley
● Sage

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