Maungaraeeda Farm

This short video shows what we are trying to achieve here at Maungaraeeda, home of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. We are on the road to self-sufficiency, not there yet by any means, but we are currently producing around 90% of our food needs and 100% of our cooking energy needs. In this video we talk a bit about our routine in the morning with our animals and about what drives us to live the way we live.

We have been drought and heat wave stricken here in Kin Kin, and we have discovered that our property is becoming more and more resilient to these consequences of climate change, due to good permaculture design and implementation. We use plants and animals to improve the soil and its water retaining capacity. It is a lot of hard work every day, but very fulfilling, especially as this allows us to be able to eat from our property all year round. We preserve a fair bit of food as well at the moment as we are producing more than we can consume and we supply some produce to local shops.

We will be running an event here at Maungaraeeda over Labour day weekend (from 29 April to 1 May) to celebrate Permaculture, Music and Food. We will be running 7 workshops, a Permaculture Systems tour, a music jam and performances of 3 fantastic bands over the weekend. We have a group of amazing presenters here with much to share.
We wanted to do something which expresses our gratitude to Bill Mollison around the time of his birthday, as we owe so much to Bill. We would like to celebrate his life and his gift of Permaculture with this event, CelebrATE! For more information on CelebrATE! please go to

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