The Great American Farm Tour

Family of six travels America in their converted school bus discovering the greatest sustainable yards, homesteads and farms.

About this project

Hello :)

We’re the Rhodes family.

Halloween nonsense...
Halloween nonsense…

We’ve inspired (and taught) thousands of people grow their own food through our daily YouTube videos.

Last summer we wrapped up our biggest project to date, “100 days of Growing Food”, in which we grew 75% of our food in just 100 days.

NOW, we’re launching our BIGGEST project ever…

“The Great American Farm Tour.”

As teachers (and learners) in the sustainable food movement, we couldn’t think of a better way to serve our audience than travel America featuring the greatest sustainable backyards, homesteads, and market farms.

We’ll tour the farms, follow along on the chores, and work on special projects.

We'll be visiting farms like this one (Polyface Farms in Virginia)
We’ll be visiting farms like this one (Polyface Farms in Virginia)

We’ll see ALL kinds of livestock, meet a crazy number of cool people, eat from an untold number of gardens and explore vast wildernesses.

For years we’ve dreamed of converting an old school bus into a custom RV to accommodate us while we travel, and today, our dream has become a reality. 

We’re wrapping up the finishing touches on our school bus conversion, prepping for the journey, and planning to head out in early February 2017.

Our Converted School Bus
Our Converted School Bus

What’s the Tour Gonna be like?

Watch our video, “Greenhouse PIGS,” to get an idea of what a day of our tour will be like:

We’re Taking YOU With Us!

Two Options…

Option #1 – Follow our daily adventures on our YouTube channel. We’ve been uploading (free) daily videos every day for nearly a year (and we don’t plan on stopping).

Option #2 – Maybe you’d just like the highlights of the tour, or exclusive access to interviews and footage not included in the daily YouTube Videos…

That’s what this Kickstarter is for.

The Great American Farm Tour – the DOCUMENTARY

•Watch the film to experience the best of the journey (in one evening).

•See exclusive interviews with us and-and the folks we visit.

•Discover special clips not included in the YouTube videos.

•Download available to watch anytime (without the internet).

•Eco-friendly packaged DVD in case you want to hold something.

•You’re free to share with friends or a crowd, at no extra cost.

For more information or to support this project, please visit:



6 thoughts on “The Great American Farm Tour

  1. Well, if you make it to Fayetteville, NC, please, stop by. I could tell you all about me, but it is easier if you go to my gardening facebook page, Suburban Hermit.
    Safe journeys,

  2. Oh wow what an amazing journey for you and your family and all of us. So glad i just found your videos and stories. I wish I could go with you. So very much I could learn. God Bless you and keep you all safe on your journey! Thanks for including all of us!

  3. Have you guys thought about or has it been suggested to do a (rough) location tracker? I know you want to keep your privacy as much as possible but it would be cool to see it map out in somewhat real time. kinda like a Santa tracker, but the Rhodes are real……sorry if you still believe in Santa:)

  4. How fun! You should definitely stop at Bonton Farms in downtown Dallas if you go that way. Their community outreach is amazing!

  5. i was told ya’ll were coming to the charleston sc area monday 4/3/17.
    i work at a radio station here…WTMA. can you call our newsroom…and do a short off-air phone interview with me this afternoon or tomorrow? i would like to use cuts on our news monday 4/3/17.
    sheree bernardi

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