Registrations are now open for Geoff Lawton’s 2016 Online PDC

Earlier this year, Geoff Lawton started filming a brand new Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC 2.0). His intent was to create a course that was both in depth and thorough using his vast knowledge of both Bill Mollison’s book Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual and his 30+ years of Permaculture teachings. The end result is a course that is vastly different to any other PDC Geoff has ever taught before.

So what’s included?

A lifetime of permaculture instruction packed into the course: Hard-won insights from teaching 15,o00+ students over 30 years, delivered to you just a mouse-click away.

You will learn how to “think like a permaculturist.” Far more important than “facts” is a way of thinking, and he’ll get you there quickly, thoroughly, and effectively.

User-friendly technology optimized for learning: Numerous best practices for student-centered learning: Self-paced, multimodal (video, audio) learning, and project-based; students with diverse learning styles will thrive.

Larger, smarter, more diverse team: A dozen or so superstars with brawn, brains, and heart; hands-down the most capable team he’s ever been a part of.

The video throughout the course is off the charts: Old-school chalkboard “classroom-style,” on-the-farm, and drone footage maybe even a little bit of VR towards the end of the course.

Direct-to-Camera presentation style: This is the first time Geoff has recorded an entire course in a studio and the difference is palpable.

Mobile-optimized: Clean access on almost any device, anywhere there is an internet connection.

“Flipped classroom” is the future of education: Watch videos on your own time, then we do the Q&A together; by doing this, you’ll have a deeper understanding of permaculture than even those that take a face-to-face course.


The Nuts-and-bolts of the course

A generous 24-week pace (that’s double the time): Some students had expressed difficulty in getting an entire online PDC done in just 10-12 weeks, so he’s doubled the time to allow full, stress-free absorption of the materials.

Just under 500 recorded course modules: That includes blackboard-style videos, rich animations, and detailed PDFs.

Weekly Q&A: After watching the core modules, you’ll have a chance to ask Geoff any follow-up questions; he’ll answer as many as he can, and all sessions will be recorded and made available to you.

Community town hall (24 hours / 7 days): A sleek, modern commenting and discussion platform powered by Disqus that far exceeds old-school commenting tools.

Daily help from PDC-certified teaching assistants: You’re never alone: A team of fantastic permies monitor the community town hall and jump in with answers throughout the week.

Permaculture Design Certificate: Upon completing the course material and the final project, you’ll receive the formal, official PDC certificate — the same certificate he gives to his face-to-face students, and the same certificate that Bill gave him more than 30 years ago.

This truly is a unique learning experience which brings a new dimension to Permaculture teaching and online community. To secure a place click here and you’ll be taken to Geoff’s website where there is more detailed information, and instructions on how to complete an enrollment.

You might also want to check out Geoff’s latest addition to the Permaculture community, The Permaculture Circle. It was unveiled as a gift on Christmas day that is free to the public regardless of whether you take the course or not. Its mission statement is both simple but also ambitious:

“Resources and online community for permaculture enthusiasts, beginners, and everyone in between. Free. All are welcome.”

It is where Geoff will “house” all the videos, resources, updates, etc. that he wants to share freely with the world.



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