Permaculture Education Centre

A Permaculture Educational Centre in cool climate Australia to support so many people.

Being parents of 8 children plus foster caring 28 and hosting 8 from various countries we know how important and invaluable it is to create a sustainable future via permaculture education for future generations.

We all learn differently and our lives take many twists and turns when travelling life’s journey but I think we all know when we’re spending time in nature how therapeutic and conjucive to our own well being holistically it can be.

I’ve been nursing for 17 years and my husband Paul has worked in various occupations. We have fundraised for more events than you can count on your hands and given so much of our time to help others. Interestingly we are now asking for help from you so we can provide a place that will support so many.

Our dream now is to provide an environment that will support many now and into the future working with permaculture in conjunction with Geoff Lawton.

How do we do this? By building dwellings on our property that allows teaching and learning about the environment.

This is an important project because it will help people of all ages. It will build confidence in individuals, they will gain independence. There will be the opportunity for employment knowing that what is being done will prepare for future growth of food and water sustainability.

Our intention over the years once the educational centre is built is to produce an abundance of food so much so that it will be shared and some given away.

Please help us reach the $200,000 target so we can build the educational centre in Cargo NSW Australia.

If your unable to donate then we ask that you please share our project with your family, friends and workplaces.

We really want to make this happen and at this time in our lives this is the only way we can with the help of Go Fund Me and You.

We thank you in anticipation. Fiona and Paul.

Please go to the gofundme page here;



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