PDC in Koh Phangan, Thailand at Phangan Earthworks

PDC in Koh Phangan, Thailand at Phangan Earthwork

October 17th to October 29th, 2016 with Rhamis Kent

Rhamis-Kent-PDCSince 2011, I’ve been regularly teaching Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses at a place called Phangan Earthworks on the island of Koh Phangan, one of the Gulf Islands in the southern portion of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a bit of a schizophrenic place – people are typically travelling there for yoga retreats (to get their minds & bodies together) or the monthly Full Moon party (to indulge in lots of alcohol and bad club music). I think this is one of the features I find especially intriguing about KP – the edge created by these polar opposites. It makes this course one of my more fascinating annual encounters. People come from all over the world with a collection of work & life experiences which really creates a unique atmosphere and setting for discussion and instruction. This proverbial “interpersonal ecotone” definitely makes Koh Phangan and Julien’s Phangan Earthworks one of my favourite places to teach. Couple the tropical setting along with the (relatively) low prices for delicious food & decent accommodation and you’ve got a pretty winning combination.


As with too many places on the planet currently, Thailand is having to contend with a number of problems related to environmental degradation – climate change, deforestation and soil degradation, industrial intensive farming, water pollution, air pollution, resource depletion, and waste generation. Even recurring drought, flooding, and water shortages. So the material to be covered is very relevant and immediately applicable.

Rhamis-Kent-PDC-Designers-ManualBeing that October is part of the low (and rainy) season on KP, prices tend to be lower at most businesses. There’s still time to sign on to this course. If you aren’t able to attend, there’s another PDC scheduled for the spring.

Either way, it’s a worthwhile trip to make if you have the time and the means. Hopefully, I’ll see you there in the not too distant future!

Where: Sri Thanu Village, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Price: THB 25’000 (ca. EURO 630)

Teacher: Rhamis Kent (PRI Registered Teacher)

Rhamis Kent’s PRI Author Profile can be found here.

For more information on this course please visit Phangan Earthworks website.

To download the full resolution PDF, please click here.

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