Cycling the Humanure

We have our next Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course starting here at Maungaraeeda in just over two weeks. This means that we are busy getting the place ready to accommodate the students and to make sure that the property needs will be efficiently addressed during this time. One of the jobs to be done is to see that the Humanure Bank can accommodate the extra deposits that will be produced. For those that are uninformed the Humanure Bank is a place to put the contents that come from the compost toilets. Upon observation I could see that I needed to empty Vault 1 to make room for the upcoming event.

The Bank is a place to store the humanure for a period of time to allow decomposition of the material to a condition where it is safe to use as a compost. I personally will only use this compost on fruit trees as I am not 100% certain of the removal of pathogens that could harm us if it was used in the garden. Usually this decomposition process needs about one year. I successfully achieved this job over the period of several weeks doing a half hour or so every other day.

Cycling the Humanure 02

I put the compost around a section of the bananas that have been a bit lacking in fertility and will be very appreciative when they respond to this “cycle” of nutrient on the property.

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Feature Image: Removing the contents of Vault 1 The Humanure Bank.



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