Make a Living Growing Food

A new system for growing organic food successfully, watch our latest video to give you an insight into our upcoming Permaculture soils course and learn how to make living growing food.

Growing food organically should be at a low cost and give high production for energy invested. This does depend on the health your soil.


About Paul Taylor and his upcoming course



Join this 5-day dynamic learning experience where you will learn the foundations of biological land management including how to maintain and restore soil vitality, how to make organic fertilizers and how to grow more food for less cost and less effort.

We take the mystery out of the complex sciences of composting, soil microbiology and plant nutrition and learn how to manage and apply solutions in easy to understand easy to apply forms.

This course redefines ‘sustainable agriculture’ as ‘our ability to build soil fertility as we improve production and reduce cost and labor; very few systems are able to achieve this goal in an affordable achievable way.


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