Film – A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (Premiere)

The overlapping economic, environmental, and cultural crises of our times can seem overwhelming, can seem like challenges so great and urgent that they have no solutions. But rather than sticking our heads in the sand or falling into despair, we should respond with defiant positivity and try to turn the crises we face into opportunities for civilisational renewal.

Trailer Courtesy of Happen Films Youtube Channel

During the year of 2015 a small community formed on an emerging ecovillage in Gippsland, Victoria, and challenged themselves to explore a radically ‘simpler way’ of life based on material sufficiency, frugality, permaculture, alternative technology and local economy. This documentary by Jordan Osmond and Samuel Alexander tells the story of this community’s living experiment, in the hope of sparking a broader conversation about the challenges and opportunities of living in an age of limits.

The documentary also presents new and exclusive interviews with leading activists and educators in the world’s most promising social movements, including David Holmgren (permaculture), Helena Norberg-Hodge (localisation), Ted Trainer (the simpler way), Nicole Foss (energy and finance), Bill Metcalf (intentional communities) and Graham Turner (limits to growth).


Doors open at 6.15pm, with time to mingle before Samuel Alexander introduces the film at 6.45pm. The screening begins at 7pm on the dot and after the film, at 8.30pm, the filmmakers will welcome comments and questions about the issues raised. The evening will wrap up around 9.30pm.

There will be nibbles and drinks prior to the screening. Please note: full meals and alcohol are not available at the venue. Please bring your own cup/mug to minimise the use of recyclables.

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About Samuel Alexander

Samuel Alexander – is a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs and research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne. He also co-directs the Simplicity Institute.

Samuel has just published his second book of collected essays, Sufficiency Economy: Enough, for Everyone, Forever. This is the companion volume to Prosperous Descent: Crisis as Opportunity in an Age of Limits, published earlier this year.



The paperback of Sufficiency Economy is available here. For those unable to pay or who would like an electronic version, the pdf is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis here.




The paperback of Prosperous Descent is available here. The pdf of this book is also available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis here.


Editor Note:

Samuel is very knowledgeable and has written quite a number of well constructed articles. Please take this opportunity to review his books and support his endeavours, by either purchasing the paperback version’s or his generous option to “pay what you want” PDF version’s.



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