Fracking, Good Design, and Monsanto’s Dilemma

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Let’s jump right in:

Bernie vs. Hillary on the harms of fracking, and Stanford researchers show its impact on drinking water. What to do? Tom Kendall, one of my students who recently returned from teaching a PDC in Jordan, shows that biogas at the surface removes the need for fracking, and is a de-centralized energy source in this 4-part video series.

Farm tools for women, by women: At the heart of good design is empathy and deep understanding, and these innovative tools by Green Heron embody this. Even the company name of the company is thoughtful, named after the peculiar bird that creatively uses tools.

Winds of change: Monsanto is taking a pounding with a 25% decline, and organic is rising by 12%. Perhaps that’s what is driving its “quest for the perfect veggie,” (by going organic?). Interesting to see how profit impact may push things.

Worth a read: Natural Leadership: Embracing the Logic of Life. Not light reading by any stretch, but definitely an eye-opener. Permaculture design fits business design.

A great step-by-step guide on making a living from a 1.5 acre market garden. With permaculture design skills, you don’t need a large farm to make a good living. Bonus: one more element of a fulfilled, meaningful life.

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