Onsite in Jordan at “The greening of the Desert, The Sequel”

I am facilitating a Permaculture Design Certificate course over the next two weeks. We have eleven students that have come from or have lived in more than 20 countries which is amazing and of course having a big multicultural vibe.

We have just finished day 2. Yesterday at the end of the day we put together an 18 day hot compost which we will be able to monitor as we go through the course.

Making the 18 day hot compost.
Making the 18 day hot compost.

We are working our way through the first three chapters of the Bill Mollison book “Permaculture A Designers Manual”. The students are being very receptive and reactive as we broach the subjects.

It is very interesting to be on the site and experiencing a very arid climate. Mind you it has been raining daily since I have been here. I am always intrigued with different cultures and having the students being so multicultural as well as the Jordanian people there is so much to see. The local people living nearby display an amazing contrast as there are quite new houses built within grazier compounds.

Housing and grazier compounds intermingled.
Housing and grazier compounds intermingled.

I of course am drawn to the animal system function however building construction methods is another of my passions.

Sheep in their open compound.
Sheep in their open compound.

My access to internet is a bit sporadic so hopefully first you receive this post and I get to send more soon.

Cheers Tom

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  1. Hello!

    ‘m live at Jordan now and do the same garden technic at Wadi Rum. ‘m be alone from the next week and i looking a volunteer friend who can help to me. :) If you can help me or any ide to help, please feel free and share with me. Thank you.


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