How To Use Squash Pits To Get Bigger Garden Yields

If you’ve never heard of a squash pit then you might be thinking “but squash have seeds, not pits!”. True, true, but check out this fun video.

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They’ll be covering topics like:

  • How organic gardeners produce 2X to 10X greater yields.
  • How to spend $0 feeding your chickens.
  • Natural beekeeping… how to do it WITHOUT chemicals!
  • Guide to MAKING $80 worth of compost per week.
  • Legally keeping chickens and goats in the city.
  • Raising superior eggs, milk, and meat in your backyard.
  • How to get FREE access to local seed varieties.
  • The BEST species of worms for backyard composting.
  • Understanding Cottage Food Laws (CFLs).

And we’re just skimming the surface here, so don’t risk missing out.

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