Moringa Mission

A movement of conscious beings is connecting with as many people as possible sharing knowledge, spreading seeds, teaching and establishing new forms of sustainability in harmony with Mother Nature. Our star-plant is Moringa, a.k.a. “The Miracle Tree.” Growing more plants like Moringa will help feed our hungry and cure our sick.

We believe in “Being the Change” you wanted to see in the world. We believe, truly, that we all possess the ability to create change that impacts our world. Change, regardless how big or small, affects everything. We love what we do and blessed to be doing what we love.

The Moringa Mission started teaching and sharing seeds of Moringa in Mexico, then through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, down into Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. We have hosted over 30 workshops, introduced a super-food/medicine to hundreds of families, planted over 1000 Moringa trees and shared over 10,000 Moringa seeds. Free, open-to-all our workshops focused on Moringa, with a variety of other topics and free seeds donations.


We share seeds with everyone and anyone we cross paths with. We have hosted workshops and started projects everywhere from schools, farms, permacultures sites and local families to indigenous communities, rehabilitation centers, hostels, festivals and gatherings.

Living from our backpacks, to sleeping in our jungle hammocks, hitchhiking to travel, even wild foraging of native plant medicines and foods.

We are asking for help in anyway to keep the Moringa Mission going and giving. Help us, help more. When we come together we can change/create anything.

For all the families, for the future, for Mother Nature.

One Planet, One Family, One Love,
Much Love,
The Moringa Mission.

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