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Have Questions, Receive Answers, How Easy is This

Tom Kendall, PRI Master Plan site and Registered PRI Teacher, over the past few weeks has been doing a series of Q&A videos on his website


If you have a site specific problem or just a question you would like to have answered from an experienced Permaculturalist, please head over to his “Ask a Question” page and fill in the Q&A Form. Tom will review your enquiry and a date and time for the webinar will be emailed to you. All other questions will be answered by return email.

This is a free service provided by a recognised PRI Teacher, who eats, sleeps, breaths and runs a full PRI Affiliated Permaculture Demonstration site.


Tom’s Extensive Background

Tom Kendall is a permaculture farmer with a lifelong broad acre agricultural background, who continues to work side by side with Geoff Lawton. He is co-founder of the PRI Sunshine Coast Inc and has also recently done the ground work in setting up PRI Luganville, Vanuatu and runs PDC, Practical Certificate, Practical Diploma and 4 week Intensive Practical Life Skills training courses on his Permaculture Demonstration Site “Maungaraeeda”. He is part of the Permaculture Sustainable Consulting team, is a PRI Master Plan Site Consultant and does regular personal consultations. He has extensive experience in tropical, sub tropical and dry land climates and has the ability to read large scale as well as smaller scale landscapes. With his farming background, Tom is a very hands on and practical man and is solution focused. He has extensive travel experience, integrates easily with local cultures and people and enjoys studying landscapes, buildings and the effects of climate on structures, flora and fauna.

The Permaculture Research Insitute

PRI Zaytuna Farm functions as a model farm (in development) and permaculture training facility. Geoff and Nadia Lawton, world-renowned permaculture educators and consultants, lead the project. Much of Geoff and Nadia’s time over the last few years has been spent away from the Institute, consulting and helping set up projects in diverse locales around the world. Seeing the worldwide demand for knowledgeable permaculture consultants and teachers increase exponentially, as fuel and fertiliser prices skyrocket and the effects of climate change, soil depletion and water shortages begin to hit hard, priority and focus is now shifting back to the Institute, where growing the training program will increase the output of quality teachers to help fill the growing need for them.


  1. I am using EM stock solution from Maple.I want to know how i can keep making EM2 secondary,tertiary solutions etc.Is this possible ?What else can I do. Thanks

  2. we have 16 hectares on southern yorke peninsula SA and have good quality underground water not enough to irrigate as has a supply of about 400 liters per hour
    The land is flat with a small draw running across the paddock down to where the bore is we were wondering if we could place swales across the paddock to encourage more feed growth for sheep and cattle feed.We have not used chemicals on the place in 30 years and run on organic lines not certified don”t need too as we just try and live sustainable we run 50 laying chooks, 15 wiltipoll sheep, 3 cows, 2 alpacas guards and try and grow as much as we can it we have a rainfall of average of 380 mills per year any help appreciated thanking you

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