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BioDigester Wrap Up and Making Thatch

Tom Kendall from the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast shows the end result of the Bio Digester setup: the gas. He also talks about and shows making thatch for a roof from vetiver grass.

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Tom Kendall

Tom Kendall is a permaculture farmer with a lifelong broad acre agricultural background. He is co-founder of the PRI Sunshine Coast Inc and PRI Luganville, Vanuatu and runs PDC and Practical Life Skills training courses on his Permaculture Demonstration Site “Maungaraeeda”. He is part of the Permaculture Sustainable Consulting team and does regular personal consultations. He has extensive experience in tropical, sub tropical and dry land climates and has the ability to read large scale as well as smaller scale landscapes. With his farming background, Tom is a very hands on and practical man and is solution focused. He has extensive travel experience, integrates easily with local cultures and people and enjoys studying landscapes, buildings and the effects of climate on structures, flora and fauna.


  1. Great video. You look like fun folks! How much volume does the vetiver grass as it dries? A lot of traditional thatch I’ve seen (in temperate climates, mind you) has been dried fiber to avoid gaps opening up after green stalks dry. I’m excited to see how the experiment works out!

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