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An educational film on raising chickens with nature from hatching to the plate (and everything in between).

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The Film

Chickens are the gateway towards complete self-reliance.

Chickens are a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to be more connected to their food. Not only are they fun to raise; they offer eggs, meat, fertilizer, and they are capable of all kinds of work! I guarantee, that if you follow the methods we teach, you’ll gain valuable partners in your future food adventures!

We’ll show you everything you need to know to grow 100% of ALL your own chicken products! By using simple permaculture techniques you’ll learn how to work with nature to minimize input, while maximizing output.

Growing our own provision enables us to know the stories behind our most critical consumption. Experience, like I do, the unimaginable joy of putting your own home grown goodness on the table!

This high quality film format pleases the audio/visual learner in all of us for faster comprehension and deep understanding of the subject matter.

If I wrote a book about the subject it make take 10’s of hours for you to read it. The immersion power of film enables you to learn that same material 10X faster.

Educational films can be boring and low quality. However, we’re pouring considerable amounts of resources to “beautify” this project so that it’s entertaining for you and maybe even your significant other (who might not be as excited as you about the subject matter).

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Chicken Dinner from the Homestead

Film Contents

  • Joel Salatin on why permaculture chickens.
  • Easily get started with your 1st flock.
  • Creative feeding programs sourced onsite to cut costs up to 100%.
  • Feed on compost, sprouts, wild foods, worms, tree crops, garden…
  • Lessen your work load by using chickens in the garden.
  • Appropriate housing options for coop’s and mobile shelters.
  • Using technology, like electric netting, to easily manage your birds.
  • Work with nature to maximize yields while minimizing inputs.
  • Humanely butcher and preserving for food security.
  • Preparing delicious dishes.
  • Making a right livelihood with profitable farmer, Joel Salatin.
  • Follow the pro’s on large scale chicken chores at Polyface Farms.
  • See the city chick operations in Pat Forman’s back yard.
  • Grow and use herbs to prevent and treat illness with Lisa Steele.
  • Breeding your own for 100% self sustainability with Jim Adkins.
  • Hatching chicks with mother hen to easily raise your own.
  • Adjust to winter and summer extremes to maximize production.

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Winter Management Has Already Been Filmed!


Here’s some things we covered in the Winter management piece:

  • Keeping water unfrozen and available.
  • Source live feeds (worms, sprouting, other animal sources…)
  • Keeping your flock warm.
  • Keeping your chickens active.

You can read our article, “48 Tips for keeping Chickens Happy this Winter” and then download our winter happiness check list here.

What others are saying:


Key leaders in the fields of permaculture, homesteading and chickens are getting excited about this project. Paul Wheaton, of the extremely popular online community, has consulted this project and gives his “stamp” of approval!

Geoff Lawton of Australia’s Permaculture Research Institute, personally awarded Justin his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and says the film looks, “very, very nice”!


Geoff and his FREE videos at have served as a HUGE inspiration for this film. He introduced Justin to the concept of feeding chickens all they need from compost. Justin implemented his concepts for the Chicken Tractor on Steroids into a static run and ditched commercial grain! Check out all his videos here.

Paul has consulted this project and gives his “stamp” of approval!

Lisa Steele, author and blogger of “Fresh Eggs Daily” is leader of the pack in the rising back yard chicken movement got so exited about the film project she joined the team as a teacher, advisor and cheerleader!

More on the Teachers!

Justin Rhodes, host and producer is a well seasoned homesteader having enjoyed many years of practicing “beyond organic” and permaculture methods on his 75 acre family farm near Asheville NC. Justin trained under the highly accredited Geoff Lawton of PRI Australia for his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and has studied natural chicken care under popular author, Pat Foremen. He’ll be teaching you from his own homestead on the chicken systems essential to more sustainable living.

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is a pioneer in the modern food movement. As an international author and speaker, he’s our “go to” guy for natural permaculture applications on a profitable scale. He’s the 3rd generation of alternative farmers and shows us the way to profits without compromise. He and his staff serve over 5,000 families, 10 retail outlets and 50 restaurants within his local territory. We’ll be spending ample time with Joel outlining the secrets to making profits with poultry and following his staff on the day to day operations of their extensive chicken systems.

Pat Foreman is an authority on backyard chicken care. She’s the author of many popular books that include “City Chicks” and “Chicken Tractor, “The Permaculture Guide to Happy Hens and Healthy Soil” and founder of the Gossamer Foundation. We’ll be featuring her very own backyard operation with extensive interviews pertaining to the small scale “back yard” chicken owner.

Jim Adkins, the international poultry judge and founder of the Sustainable Poultry Network brings his 35 years of expertise to the table as he explains the ins and outs of “reading” a chicken. We’ll learn how to select for breeding, culling and production to move towards a completely self-sustainable flock.

(NEW ADDITION!!!) Lisa Steele, of Fresh Eggs Daily is an herbalist and leading advocate of natural chicken keeping. The author of “Fresh Eggs Daily:Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally”. We’ll check out her own back yard operation as she teaches us about using herbs, weeds and edible flowers to boost the immune systems and overall health of our flocks.


Film Crew


Ben Roberts leads the film crew with his cinematic quality equipment and his artistic ability to capture the essence of our human interaction with the natural systems that surround us.

Ben is a talented artist all around and will be composing original music created exclusively for this project!

Where’s the Money Going?


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Risks and challenges

Feature filming is currently scheduled to take place towards the end of June. The project will cover a week long work shop at Justin’s farm in NC and travel to Joel’s farm and Pat’s place. It’s always possible that scheduling and weather could cause some delay.

Once the project is filmed it will take approximately 6 weeks to create the original music and edit the project. We plan to make the goods available by September 2015.

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