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Future Feeders

Joel Orchard and Anais Gschwind sowed the first seeds for the Future Feeders movement in the early stages of 2014. Since then with the collective ideas of a vibrant group, Future Feeders has established its first 1.5 acre urban market garden at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens and begun to develop a platform for a broader collective of young farmers and food activists.

Future Feeders saw the desperate need to combat an ageing farmer population and are now promoting a movement that encourages young people to actively participate in local food production and provide support for emerging farmers into truly sustainable and ecological agricultural careers.

Future Feeders aims to establish a collective of young farmers who can share knowledge, resources, labor and equipment and benefit from shared distribution, bulk inputs purchases and centralised administration.

While our journey has just begun we have secured community land on which to farm at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens and are developing this as a financially viable Certified Organic market garden. We are now also establishing other farming operations throughout the region.

We are passionate advocates and activists for an ethical food system and believe that the future of sustainable farming rests in the hands of the youth. We are currently a core team of three and are eager to recruit more to the cooperative in the near future.

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