The Los Angeles Ecovillage

Living in a large city does not mean you cannot live permaculturally. Indeed, it can be quite the opposite. While most permaculture pillars deal with designing your land, and your immediate environment, it is crucial to focus on the people aspect. A culture without an eclectic community of entities is a monoculture. Cities are the quintessential ground for polyculture….

The Los Angeles Ecovillage was born over 20 years ago when a decaying neighborhood decided to take action for their children. The residents were alarmed and pushed to act when results showed their children had 20% less lung capacity than other neighboring children. Something needed to be done immediately and they found their solution in the permaculture way of life. What started with a more bike-friendly approach to life continues, to this day, to evolve in an incredible organic growth. The 500-strong community collaborates to make their lives more amazing.

A truly inspiring story of what is possible at the heart of our cities.



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  1. Hi i live in Tijuana and my house have a lot of plantas and in my backyard i use to plant tomates ,now i have a lot of plants…i want to know more about creating ecovillage in my souroundings…can i?

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